• Letter: I can live with inexperience

    In response to John Crake Aves’ Sept. 21 column “Trump has no requisite experience,” I have this to say. What of it?
    Look at where we are now as a nation, and tell me it matters. Many of our former presidents didn’t even follow the Constitution. Some, even our best, disregarded it when they thought it hindered them. Others talked of it stifling their powers to run the country as they saw fit.

  • Letter: We should abolish legislative ‘tenure’

    Jaime Harrison’s Sept. 7 column about the passing of S.C. Sen. John Drummond misses one vital point that I will declare here.
    First, my condolences to his family, and this is not a derogatory letter about the man, for I knew him not. But it is about the actions of our state and federal lawmakers who believe in making a lifetime out of public office.

  • Letter: Take away NCAA’s tax-exempt status

    In recent light of the stunning hypocrisy of the NCAA with their decision to pull championship events from North Carolina, it is time for elected officials both in-state and at the federal level to reexamine the tax-exempt status of the NCAA.

  • Letter: ‘Garbage’ comment not intended to slur good name of psychology

    In reference to Dianne T. Evans’ column that took exception to my saying, “Where did that garbage come from… psychology 101?” about a Phil Noble article, I reply with this.
    It is an understood saying that means the person doesn’t know what he’s talking about and is trying to use psychology, even though he’s either a novice or has no experience in the field at all. It meant Mr. Noble was trying to sound intelligent in the art of psychology, but had little knowledge of it.

  • Letter: Why can’t Kershaw get its roads fixed?

    We have three roads out in Kershaw. There is one in Taxahaw and two below Kershaw, and the state won’t offer to fix them because they don’t have the money.
    Well, where did they get the $14 million to widen Highway 160 in Indian Land?
    The state is just like the county. All they do is tell you lies when you ask a question. Everyone waits till everything tears up before they try to fix it. Then it costs much more.
    Everything Indian Land wants, Indian Land gets with no problem.

    Bub Faile

  • Letter: S.C. corruption: This is news?

    It took a half page for Phil Noble to tell us the South Carolina state government is corrupt. What a shock! Next he’ll be telling me the federal government is corrupt too (but only if the Republicans are in charge). This is news?
    Then Mr. Noble tells us, South Carolinians, that we have a plantation mentality. My God! If a conservative said that, he’d be ostracized into the deep woods to live his life in shame as a bigoted racist. Besides that, where did that garbage come from…psychology 101?

  • Letter: Sen. Scott marks 9/11 anniversary

    Fifteen years ago, the course of America was changed forever. So many of us remember exactly what we were doing, and exactly where we were.
    We hung on every word on the news, every image we saw, and we prayed and hoped that it was just a terrible nightmare.
    Nearly 3,000 Americans perished on 9/11. Thousands mourned the loss of a loved one who would never return home, and we were all in shock and disbelief at the tragic loss of life.
    We cannot change history, but we can keep each of their memories alive every day.

  • Letter: Let’s unite behind our law officers

    My heart goes out to our sheriff’s office and the city police department.
    These guys need our prayers. They have a dangerous job.
    I used to call them and pray for them on the phone, but the guy who crippled me threw my phone and broke it.
    Sheriff Barry Faile and Police Chief Harlean Carter do a wonderful job. I ask the county and city to unite in prayer for all of these officers.
    I love you guys, and may God protect and bless you all.

    Carl Miles

  • Letter: Dismissing Noble’s assessment of Donald Trump’s prospects

    Some of the items in Phil Noble’s column “Hey Trump, you’re a loser” need to be addressed.
    First is his distasteful line about America’s “mythical glorious wonder years of the past.”
    America has many things in her past that made her great. America was one of the first, if not the first, to outlaw slavery. America manufactured her own products, which lasted, but now everything doesn’t last because it’s made in China. We were the major factor in winning World War II.

  • Letter: State should fix S.C. 160 traffic

    I am writing in regards to the traffic situation that occurs nearly every morning at the intersection of Calvin Hall and S.C. 160.
    Since Movement Mortgage opened its doors in the spring, the traffic at that intersection has been a nightmare. Routinely, the cars are backed up almost to U.S. 521 in one direction and often farther than that in the opposite direction.