• S.C. State Guard trains to help communities

    Here in South Carolina, where we are relieved to be nearing the end of another quiet hurricane season, we recently witnessed the destructive force of torrential rainfalls.

    Almost as devastating as the physical property loss in a flood is the emotional impact of seeing your home damaged or destroyed. We’ve all seen these tragic stories on TV – home improvement projects ruined and washed away, priceless family photos and heirlooms lost and on and on.

  • Failure not always final

    Studying the lives of people in the Bible can bring hope to believers today. The life of John Mark in the New Testament illustrates the truth that failure is not final for believers.

    John Mark was the son of Mary, an affluent godly widow in Jerusalem who allowed believers to meet in her home for prayer.

    John Mark likely had contact with many wonderful people who took part in that fellowship. At some point the apostle Peter led him to the Lord, because he later called him his spiritual son.

  • Make sure information is correct on your tax bill

    At the beginning of October, Lancaster County homeowners received their tax bills, which are due by Jan. 15, 2014, without penalties.

    If you have not received your tax bill, please contact our office to see where your bill went and make sure we have the correct address on file for you. Please do so as soon as possible to make sure your taxes are paid on time so you can avoid late penalties.

    If you are paying into an escrow account as part of your mortgage you should have received a bill, so that you would know how much you are paying in taxes.

  • Common Core: Not what you think

    If you have children in South Carolina public schools, you’ve probably heard the term “Common Core” several times by now. It’s the name for a nationalized set of academic standards to which South Carolina public schools are now required to conform.

    Did you vote for Common Core? Did you have any say in it at all? No, you didn’t.

  • Regional and local farmers markets benefit all Americans

    One very important reason for Congress to expedite work toward a new Food, Farm and Jobs Bill is to continue today’s rapid growth in local and regional marketing opportunities for American agriculture.

    From local farmers markets to regional food hubs, these new opportunities benefit a wide range of Americans from all walks of life.

    They benefit farmers and ranchers who are looking to start selling locally or scale up to regional sales.

  • Infant mortality rate should concern us

    “More babies are dying in SC.” That was the banner headline in the Charleston Post and Courier recently.

    To me, it was both shocking and impossible to ignore. And I would bet most South Carolinians felt the same way. Unfortunately, to many of our state government political leaders, it was just another day at the office.

  • Return ordinance to Planning Commission for needed changes

    The proposed cluster development ordinance passed first reading at the Lancaster County Council meeting Nov. 25. The reason stated was to get the issue on the table and talk about it.

    The values of the important parameters included in the cluster development version passed by council are the very small numbers required to permit Mattamy Homes to develop the Treetops site to 933 homes. We will call these values the Mattamy Homes Treetops profit numbers (MHTPN).

  • We must defeat bill H. 3290

    The General Assembly is considering legislation which intentionally damages the fiscal and societal well-being of the citizens of South Carolina. The bill, couched under the clever title “the business freedom to choose act,” is in fact special interest legislation at its rankest.

  • Show support, shop locally on Saturday

    The deficit in Washington is growing – and I’m not speaking about our nation’s floundering finances.

    The trust-deficit between Americans and policymakers is distressingly large – with only 19 percent of Americans, according to an October Pew poll, who say that they have faith that the government will do what is right just about always or most of the time.

  • We can never thank our veterans enough

    There are many honors and responsibilities that come with being a legislator. But none is more profound than sharing a community’s appreciation to the men and women who have put service above self, and made the commitment to go wherever they were sent for the purpose of protecting the freedoms that we hold dear.