•  Man’s problem, God’s solution

    Romans 3:9-31 clearly identifies the problem all men face and God’s solution to it. The universal problem of all men is that we all are sinners who have fallen short of the glory of God.

    No mere human being has lived a sinless life; in thought, word, and deed, every person has sinned. We have sinned in our understanding, and with our bodies.

    No matter what standard of  right living we accept or adopt, none of us has perfectly lived up to that standard. In God’s eyes, all the world is guilty of sin.

  • Tax deadline is fast approaching

    An important deadline is approaching for Lancaster County taxpayers – the closing of the county’s 2013 tax books, which takes place on March 17.

    This is an important step in the annual fiscal budgeting process for Lancaster County government, as it allows those who serve on County Council, the school board and town and city councils to determine how much tax revenue they will have to work with as they work to finish their 2014-15 budgets.

  • Council to consider TreeTops development proposal Monday

    The Mattamy Homes proposal for a residential development on the TreeTops site on Van Wyck Road is expected to come before Lancaster County Council at 6:30 p.m. Monday, March 10, in the County Administration Building, 101 N. Main St.

    Eagle Rock Camp, an organization dedicated to helping the families of service members with service-related difficulties through a camping experience, is looking for a new home and has shown an interest in the TreeTops site.

  • Fire department grateful for support

    The members of McDonald Green Fire Department and the Ladies Auxiliary would like to thank everyone in Lancaster County, who supported our annual barbecue on Saturday, March 1.

    It’s a good time to visit your local fire station and meet your volunteers.

    We hope you enjoyed it and will continue to support us and other fire departments in the future.


    Butch Ghent

    McDonald Green Fire Department chief

  • Mulvaney missed mark on economy

    I appreciate the hard work that U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney provides in Washington on behalf of the citizens of South Carolina and I believe that he is earnest  in his views of what it takes to be successful in today’s world.

    However, I take exception with some of his views in his recent column in the Feb. 9 edition of The Lancaster News, “Why people don’t like politicians.”

  • Know what S.C.’s cwp law means

    Harrison Cahill

    USC School of Journalism

    S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley recently signed Bill 308 into law, which will allows South Carolina residents with a concealed weapons permit to carry their weapons into many businesses, including restaurants and bars.

    Here’s what South Carolinians need to know about the new law.


    and bar owners

    u Do I have the right to order someone with a concealable weapon out of my business?

  • It’s past time to stop lying to Americans

    It is my opinion that we are in need of a public outcry. Sunday morning National Security Adviser Susan Rice was on “Meet the Press.”

    Rice was asked if she had any regrets about saying that the Benghazi attack was a demonstration gone bad after a video insulting Mohammed was posted on You Tube.

    Her answer was, “No, we were acting on the best information we had at the time.”

  • Don’t take law officers’ courage for granted

    It’s the kind of news that should be alarming, yet it’s all too common.

    A local TV news station reported Feb. 15 that a man attempted to assault a Richland County deputy after being pulled over for driving more than 100 miles per hour. The suspect was subdued and arrested.

    In this case, the assailant didn’t appear to have a weapon. Still, it was a stark reminder of the dangers our police officers face.

    Other incidents this year in South Carolina have been more serious:

  • 12 ideas for 12 candidates for top education post

    The Mattamy Homes proposal to develop the Treetops site on Van Wyck Road passed the Lancaster County Planning Commission, 5-1, on Feb. 18 and will move to Lancaster County Council, probably on March 10. The dissenting vote was provided by Vedia Hatfield.

    In the 2014 election, the post of state superintendent of education is open. Incumbent Mick Zais is not running again. By my count, as of Feb. 24, there are 12 people who are announced candidates – 10 Republicans and two Democrats.

  • Time to restore common sense to our state leadership

    The Lancaster County Democratic Party is composed of a diverse group of individuals who are committed to working for the common good of all individuals living in our community.

    We believe that within our party you will find a place where you can be actively involved in a political process that is focused on building an economy that will improve the lives of middle-class families, seniors and businesses.