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  • Chester PD chief says water district office shooting murder-suicide

     Travis Jenkins

    Landmark News Services

    CHESTER – An estranged husband killed his wife, then ended his own life in the parking lot of the Chester Metropolitan Water and Sewer District on Thursday afternoon, Nov. 6.

  • A $353 million investment

     Denyse Clark


    KERSHAW – Haile Gold Mine, Inc. is investing $353 million to develop the Haile Gold Mine and anticipates creating 270 new jobs, according to a press release issued Thursday, Nov. 6 by the S.C. Department of Commerce.

  • Why a gas tax hike is a terrible idea

    The issue of road funding – or, to put it slightly differently, the question of how South Carolina should fix its broken road system – is now a constant topic in politics and the media. A fair number of state lawmakers have therefore begun to advocate what politicians always advocate when they don’t want to make tough decisions about the budget – raising taxes, specifically the fuel tax.

  • South Carolina women, Afghanistan and Rwanda

    The world is shrinking and with the Internet we are now all hyper-connected. One result of this is that where once we looked at problems as local or maybe state and national issues, now we can see issues simultaneously on a local to global level – all at the same time and in real time.

  • A turnout tale of two Lancasters?

    Christopher Sardelli


    When the dust settled from Tuesday’s midterm elections in Lancaster County, a few facts became evident – that while still low, local turnout was higher than some expected and there is a clear divide in voter turnout between the northern and southern ends of the county.

  • Newman clinches close win

    Christopher Sardelli


    After a tense night and a prolonged wait for the final results from from all three counties, Republican Randy Newman clinched the win in the 6th Circuit Solicitor’s race, beating Democratic challenger William Frick by just 1,742 votes.

  • Just Jay

    Gregory A. Summers


    COLUMBIA – James. H. “Jay” Lucas said when he thinks about how his life has changed since he was named acting speaker of the S.C. House of Representatives on Sept. 11, a slew of sports clichés often come to mind.

    One of them, he said, is the role of a back-up quarterback who is “always everybody’s favorite.”

  • Support local veterans at annual parade

    Denyse Clark


    Robin Helms, director for Veterans Affairs of Lancaster County, expressed the importance for the local community to come out and support the men and women in uniform who have given their selfless service to protect our nation.

    Beginning at noon Saturday, Nov. 8, is the Lancaster County Veterans Day Parade and the community’s opportunity to show that support, Helms said.

  • Sales tax support varies by location

    Reece Murphy


    Local voters approved Lancaster County’s new 1 cent capital sales and use tax by a healthy 59.9 percent of the vote overall, with 11,700 voting for the tax for public projects and 7,845 against, though support for the tax varied across the county.

    The sales tax will produce an estimated $41 million in revenue over seven years to fund road improvements, a digital emergency services communication system, a forensics lab for the sheriff’s office and improvements to county libraries.

  • District 53 voters elect Yow to S.C. House

    By Laura Caskey and Robert Howey

    The Lancaster News staff

    Cheraw native Richie Yow (R) took the open S.C. House District 53 seat on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

    Yow faced Chesterfield Town Councilwoman Amy Brown (D) to fill the seat held for the last 10 years by Rep. Ted Vick (D).

    Yow received 4,223 votes to Brown’s 3,019 in the 19 Chesterfield County precincts that encompass District 53.