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  • If you run for office you should reveal who you are

    This is my first letter to the editor. I am writing because I am concerned about the election process. The write-in campaign for the County Council District 2 seat is wrong. If the people are to vote again for someone to represent them in District 2, they need to know who is running against the person who won the primary. If a person cannot disclose his or her name they should not be eligible to run. I do not live in District 2, but I hope everyone in District 2 feels the same as I do.


    Sadie Belk




  • 1959 Blue Hurricanes state championship football team honored tonight

    Lancaster Major Joe Shaw has proclaimed today as Lancaster High School Blue Hurricanes’ 1959 state championship day in honor of the team’s 50th anniversary state championship salute tonight at the Lancaster High-Spring Valley football game. Earlier this week, the 1959 LHS Blue Hurricanes’ captains William “Fireball” Roberts, Bill Mosley and Cecil Faile joined Shaw for a proclamation signing at Lancaster City Hall.

  • Rescue Squad fundraiser coming

    Tires screech, metal clangs and crumples under the pressure of the impact, injuries are sustained under the wreckage and the occupants can’t move, many of them feeling the very life fading from them. A caller dials 9-1-1 to report the motor vehicle crash and soon, in the distance, there is the wailing of sirens as medics and emergency responders rapidly travel to the scene.

    Rescue services are among the many first responders and they move quickly from their vehicles to pull the needed equipment to remove the crumpled metal and wreckage away from the lives.  

  • Writer seeks to enlighten the ignorant

    I read the news articles and letters to the editor regarding the high numbers of absentee ballot requests for the Nov. 3 special election. Since I am knowledgeable of the political process, I would like to enlighten the ignorant, who just do not know that writing a person’s name on a ballot is not illegal. If that person chooses not to reveal their identity until election day, it is perfectly legal. Disclosing who is requesting the absentee ballot is the illegal part.

  • We need to support McGriff again on Nov. 3

    I am writing on behalf of Charlene McGriff. I am asking every registered voter in District 2 to get out and vote on Nov. 3 for Charlene McGriff. I have known Ms. McGriff all of her life and I know she is very qualified to represent District 2 on Lancaster County Council. We all have watched her represent herself always with dignity and class. This is the type of person I support.

    According to voter registration, as of Oct. 9, 255 absentee ballots have already been requested. This means we got to get out and vote and override those absentee ballots.

  • Team's 59 tops PCC tourney

    The winning foursome shot a 13-under 59 to capture the title in the fourth annual Pregnancy Care Center golf tournament last Friday afternoon at the Lancaster Golf Club.

    The winning foursome included Richard Harris, Larry Westcott, James Haire and Stoy Beckham. The winners topped a 13-team field over 18 holes of play in the captain’s choice tournament.

  • Is unnamed District 2 candidate qualified?

    In the movie, “Forrest Gump,” Sally Field told her son, “Life is like a box of chocolates.” To me that means take what happens in life and deal with it.

    But that shouldn’t be the case in County Council District 2 election.

    What’s happening with the secretive absentee ballot issue means someone is putting forth a write-in campaign without identifying the candidate.

    Those of us voting at the polls and with valid absentee ballots do so legitimately.

  • 1959 Blue Hurricanes state champs honored

    A week ago, clocks, as part of a fall ritual, were turned back an hour to end daylight saving time.

    On Friday, the 1959 Lancaster High School Blue Hurricanes’ football team stepped back in time, returning to its finest hour – the Class AA state championship season.

    The City of Lancaster and Lancaster High School honored the golden anniversary of the only LHS state championship football team with a celebration which began Friday afternoon and carried into the night.

  • 'Canes sweetest season

    The third time proved to be the charm for the 1959 Lancaster High School Blue Hurricanes’ football team.

    The old saying fits, but it took more than a stroke of luck to land this coveted state crown 50 years ago this month.

    In the fall of 1959, Lancaster’s biggest stories were the passing of Col. Elliott White Springs and the opening of the local branch of the University of South Carolina at the old Williams home, now the site of the Lancaster County library. That same year, the Lancaster High football team was making a strong run for state honors.

  • County selective in zoning enforcement

    In the “Who took the pizza signs?” article in the Oct. 21 edition of The Lancaster News, Steve Willis said “zoning officials issue warning notices first and if the sign is not removed, remove the sign,” in regard to signage zoning violations.

    Here is an example of Lancaster County enforcing its zoning ordinances. Why does Lancaster County choose to do this selectively? For more than two years, the county has refused to enforce its zoning ordinances on the concrete plants at the U.S. 521 light industrial park.