Today's News

  • Veteran grateful for Honor Flight

    I want to express my thanks to the people of Kershaw for organizing Saturday’s Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. I am proud to have been one of the World War II veterans who made the flight. The trip was all that was promised. The transportation and visits to the various sites were as scheduled, and there were many moving moments.

    We were told that there would be groups at each of our destinations – Kershaw, Columbia and Washington – to welcome us. And they were there, when we left and returned home.

  • IL edges Buford in mat battle

    Indian Land, on the strength of a tiebreaker, edged Region III-A and county rival Buford to highlight a region quad match on Tuesday night at Indian Land.

    Indian Land downed Buford 34-33.

    The match, part of a four-way meet with Region III-A wrestling schools, ended in a 33-all draw, but the Warriors prevailed since it won more matches, seven.

    Indian Land was 2-1 in the three matches, while BHS was 1-2. IL and Buford each downed North Central, but fell to Chesterfield.

    IL 34 BHS 33

    189 – Dakota Landrie (IL) pinned Zack Wright (B)

  • Salvation Army helps those in need

    There’s usually an increase in charitable giving during the holidays. It’s not that those needing assistance are fewer during other times of the year; it’s that the spirit of the holidays moves people to give a little more.

    Unfortunately, tough times often result in a drop in donations. And while we all hope our national jobs crisis improves soon, the sad fact is that millions of Americans have become unemployed since this time last year.

  • Time to stop all the negativity about President Obama

    I’m writing concerning Rob Emory’s guest column, “It’s not about change, it’s about control,” in the Nov. 27 edition of  The Lancaster News.

    The current administration is not taking over every or really any aspect of the American life. Today we are in a holy war – one which could go on until the end of time. This is not President Barack Obama’s fault. He and his administration inherited it.

  • Yes, Thelma, there is a Santa Claus

     Recently, I was out shopping after having been to the bank to cash my check. I had $900 in a bank envelope. I was in Kmart, and after I checked out, I put my money back into the envelope.  

    I placed the envelope back in my purse, which was sitting in the top part of the shopping cart. At least I thought I did.

    I left Kmart and went to Bi-Lo. I did my shopping and headed to the checkout to pay, but the envelope with my money was not in my purse and

    nowhere to be found.

  • Kershaw Parade Committee grateful for support

    On behalf of the Parade Committee of the Kershaw Chamber of Commerce, we would like to thank  everyone involved for making the Kershaw Christmas Parade a success this year. Without each of you who worked and participated, this event would not have happened.  Each entry this year was so special and well thought out. We want to commend you for a job well done and we look forward to working to with you again next year.

    We want to thank Operation Rudolph and Larry Catledge for their participation and all this organization has done to help so many children in our community.

  • Literacy needs, deserves our community support

    The news that literacy providers have served more than 15,000 people and made an impact of more than $48 million over six years should be welcome to Lancaster County, Great Falls and Fort Lawn. Our area has many challenges, improving literacy a primary one among them.

    The urgency of improving literacy has been well-documented, but a few statistics bear repeating. Nearly 40 million adults have very low literacy skills, millions of others’ are only marginally higher.

  • Trying terrorist in N.Y. has all the makings of a hung jury

    “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you at government expense.”

  • Buck’s story reminds us to control litter

    The Nov. 15 article, “Keeping track of Buck,” is a great story.

    Thanks to The Lancaster News for publishing the story.

    Many thanks to Bill Price for educating us about our wonderful fishers, the Osprey.

     It behooves all of us to be mindful of our trash and how we take care of it so that all of our spectacular wild life does not ingest it. 

    Sandra Danforth


  • Plenty to cheer about at Buford

    There’s been plenty to cheer about at Buford High School this fall.

    The Jackets’ football team finished as the Conference III-A runner-up to eventual state champion Chesterfield.

    The Jackets advanced to the second round before falling to the Rams, who captured their third state crown.

    The Jackets’ cheerleaders, who lead the spirit on game night, also did the maroon and gold proud.

    The Jackets, coached by Julie Thompson, returned to the state championship competition this fall and placed in the top 10.