Today's News

  • Writer grateful for 'Mill Hill Memories'

    I would like to thank the Rev. Bill Knight for the book, “Mill Hill Memories,” he recently completed. Bill spent approximately three years interviewing people, collecting photos, personal stories and information from families and other sources. I appreciate his tireless effort and long hours spent putting this book together.

    Thanks to him I now have many years of photos and memorials combined in one book.

  • McCants misquoted in column

    In the Jan. 31 edition of The Lancaster News, I wrote a column titled, “We cannot judge what goes on in another person’s mind.”

    In that column, I misquoted Myra McCants. I said McCants wrote in a Dec. 30 letter to the editor that anyone who commits suicide commits an unforgivable sin in the eyes of God.

    McCants did not use those words. McCants actually said, “Suicide is a selfish act.”

  • Cigarette tax solution for S.C. woes

    A great deal of debate ensued recently when I announced a proposal to raise South Carolina’s lowest-in-the-nation cigarette tax to the national average, with the proceeds split between health care and education. I remain convinced that this is the right course of action for our state.

  • Arrowood doesn’t want to be in city

    On Tuesday, Feb. 9, Lancaster City Council will vote on an ordinance to annex four Arrowood Estates lots into the city. If it passes, this vote will open the door for more of Arrowood to be annexed.

    In 1962, my father started development of a subdivision outside the city limits. With him, our family trekked through deep woods as he imagined and planned how this subdivision would evolve. He found an arrow that would determine the name for his, and others, dream, Arrowood.

  • Motel fire ruled arson

    A fire at a vacant motel last week has been ruled an arson, Lancaster Police Department Capt. Harlean Howard said.

    Dozens of firefighters from the city of Lancaster and several county volunteer departments battled the Feb. 24 blaze at the former Budget Inn on North Main Street. The 40-room motel, which has been closed for several years, is behind the Travelodge.

    Arson investigators from the State Law Enforcement Division were called to assist the Lancaster Police Department with the investigation.

  • Education Oversight Committee not needed

    I am writing this letter as a businessman, parent, taxpayer, a fiscal conservative and former chair of the State Board of Education. We have an opportunity in South Carolina to reduce some of the public education bureaucracy in Columbia by sunsetting the Education Oversight Committee (EOC.)

    I ask the General Assembly to support the bill introduced by Rep. Bakari Sellers (D-Bamberg), which will do exactly this.

  • USCL offers oral history workshop

    The University of South Carolina at Lancaster will host a workshop designed to give local community members training in oral history collection.

    Recognizing that families, churches and other centers of worship, and even businesses and civic organizations, often have histories that are not written down, but are carried in the memories of elders in the community, USCL is bringing together a group of scholars and oral historians to promote the collection of oral history and local community traditions.

  • Santa Train event was a disappointment

    The following letter was sent to the See Lancaster Committee on Dec. 31, 2009. We asked for a response. As of Feb. 22, 2010, we have not had a response.

    Dear Committee Members:

    The Santa Train has become a tradition that has been enjoyed by many children and adults, also. We have taken our grandchildren to ride the train, which is an enjoyable ride, and enjoyed the food, activities and talking with Santa for a number of years. Everything had been an enjoyable experience until this year.

  • Spratt should focus on jobs for constituents

    I read an article in The Lancaster News that absolutely infuriated me. While the people in the 5th Congressional District have an overwhelming unemployment rate, our Congressman John Spratt waltzes off to Afghanistan.

    Now what did John Spratt think he was going to accomplish there?

    How about staying either in Washington or your district in South Carolina and finding companies that might want to relocate to the 5th District and employ your constituents?

  • Soldier's mother grateful for community support

    To Lowe’s Home Improvement, Bob Clemmer and Lancaster Tours, to the drivers for Lancaster Tours who volunteered their time and wages during the Christmas season, to the many individuals in Lancaster, Rock Hill, York and surrounding areas, to 103.7FM radio station and their listeners, to Home Depot, to Jenny Arnold and The Lancaster News, and lastly to any other businesses, groups or individuals who donated money, gifts, time and prayers for the soldiers of the 174th MAC National Guard Unit Wellford, SC and the 1222nd National Guard Unit Fort Mill, S.C., we would like to say thank you.