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  • Powers Norrell unwilling to separate issues

    I read with interest the guest column by Mandy Powers Norrell. I agree with her that South Carolina public schools are in need of help, and I agree that “...prioritizing spending rather than raising taxes” is a good route to follow.

    While a majority of South Carolinians may oppose private school vouchers or tax credits, a minority, and possibly a majority, are in favor. The issue is not vouchers or tax credits, but how all of the students in South Carolina will be cared for – by those whose parents are in the majority and those whose parents are in the minority.

  • Shame on you, Mandy Powers Norrell

    I would like to express my deepest sadness and disappointment for a candidate such as Mandy Powers Norrell. I am a parent of two children at Heath Springs Elementary School and was infuriated when I read the article about the S.C. Senate candidate going to our school and using it to further her desperate campaign.

    The principal, Sheri Watson, is the hardest working individual I know. The fantastic teachers are professional, well educated, caring and talented. I am proud to know them and work with each teacher and staff member at that school.

  • Mulvaney doesn't respect Lord's day

    I read Lisa Hough’s letter, “Those who pull political stunts think voters not ‘very smart,’ ” about Mick Mulvaney cutting grass on Sunday.

    I, too, agree his actions disgraced himself. We, who are Christians and some who may not be Christians, still respect the Lord’s day.

    If you can’t live by the Ten Commandments, then this tells me you don’t live by the Bible, either.

  • Mulvaney has made sacrifices for county

    I have moved away from Lancaster, but I have heard about something going on there that I know a little about. People are saying awful, terrible things about my friend and former boss, Mick Mulvaney. I wanted to take a moment to tell you what I know about this man.

  • Vouchers a bad idea for equal education

    As a public school teacher, I see firsthand the condition of our schools in Lancaster County. I have the privilege of teaching in the same school that I attended as a child.

    Unfortunately, my parents were not able to attend school past the eighth grade. They worked for Springs to pay the bills and they taught me the value of hard work. They were not able to help me with my school work or guide me on a path to college because they had no idea how to help me or whom to ask.

  • Newspapers inspire and sometimes

    She was mad about a remark a candidate made about non-public schools. We encouraged the reader to write a letter expressing her support for private schools.

    Another reader accused the newspaper of taking sides because we covered the National Action Network (NAN) press conference that announced the organization was acting as a civil rights advocate for Martavious Carter. Carter, 17, was charged with the Aug. 4 arson at the courthouse and another arson at the 6th Circuit Solicitor Doug Barfield’s office. He was also charged in connection with five armed robberies.

  • Man shot in back during robbery

    A Lancaster man was shot in the back during an armed robbery Saturday night.

    The victim, 32, had just pulled into the driveway of his Crenson Drive home when a man opened the passenger side door and demanded money from a passenger in the car, according to a Lancaster County Sheriff's Office incident report.

    The passenger told deputies that the assailant put a gun to his head. He gave him $20 and then ran behind the home, the report said. He heard two gunshots while he was running.

  • Deer make a run in BI-LO

    Live deer, aisle 3?

    Cliff West thinks maybe that was the message over the intercom at the BI-LO grocery store near Applebee's on Sunday.

    West said he was eating at nearby Zaxby's with his wife, Missy, when they noticed a deer running along the sidewalk in front of the stores in the shopping center. The deer would get to a door and then run into it, as if it was looking for a dark place to run.

    When the deer got to BI-LO, the automatic doors opened, and the deer ran right inside.

  • O'Leary hailed as one of county's football greats

    Phil O’Leary is being remembered as one of Barr Street High School’s all-time athletic greats.O’Leary, one of four former Golden Tigers’ football stars to play pro football, died Thursday following a long illness due to complications with diabetes.

  • Night for the Macs at Track

    It was a night for the McGuires at Lancaster Motor Speedway on Saturday night.Cayce McGuire won the young guns main and Frankie McGuire took the street stock checkers in early racing action on the fall night.u In the young guns main event, it was Josh Langley and Andrew Yandle sharing row one in the race, with Cayce McGuire alongside Amanda Blackwell in row two.Cayce McGuire jumped to the lead early on, with no challenges for the lead.McGuire dominated the entire race and cruised into victory lane.