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  • Hurting women can "Flip the Script" at conference

    Sometimes the circumstances of everyday life consume, drain and overwhelm us.

    During trying times, we turn to friends, family and, most of all, our faith.

    A year ago, Patience Wood, director of health services for United Hospice of the Piedmont in Chester, was going through a season of challenges in her own life.

    After facing a bitter divorce and accompanying child custody issues, Wood said she was searching for a deeper understanding of how to survive the hurt.

  • Arts center in Great Falls impacts town

    GREAT FALLS – When Cherry Doster was growing up in Great Falls, a visit to Eagle’s Five and Ten Cents Store on Dearborn Street was quite a treat.

    She walked past a line of thriving businesses to get there.

    Now, most of those businesses are boarded up by sheets of painted plywood. Sidewalk awnings are faded and torn. Portions of the broken intricate tile work in front of the old dime store have been patched and filled with concrete.

  • B-25's can still get the best of me

    I got an up-close look at a refurbished U.S. Army Air Corps B-25 bomber at a recent air show in Maryland.

    In keeping with its legacy, crew members dressed in the World War II flight suits.

    Powered by two propeller driven engines, the B-25’s huge twin stabilizer tail was painted with white stars signifying it as an American war plane, that thing was quite a sight.

    A quick tour revealed an almost strange plainness of the B-25’s interior.

  • Loads of fun at Hi Kee camp

    Field trips, computer time and drama lessons are some of the additions that have helped make this year’s Hi Kee camp perhaps the best one yet.

    Youngsters in kindergarten through 12th grade are in the midst of the annual summer enrichment program, which started June 8 and wraps up Saturday.

    Fifty Lancaster County students were admitted to the camp, held at Steele Hill AME Zion Church and sponsored by Steele Hill Community Partners.

  • Have fun in water, but be careful

    In June we reported on the near drownings of two children in Lancaster County. The first was an 8-year-girl from a BridgeMill neighborhood pool.

    The second was a 2-year-old boy in his grandmother’s pool in the Van Wyck community. In today’s paper is a passionate letter from the 2-year-old’s grandmother, Brenda Hyatt. Hyatt is grateful and thankful for those who helped save him. She also issues a warning to others about pool safety.

    “Please don’t for one minute think this can’t happen to you,” Hyatt wrote.

  • Family grateful Tyler was saved

    My family and I would like to thank everyone involved in the rescue and recovery of my precious grandson on June 22.

    First, I want to thank the good Lord. I know God loves Tyler far more than we ever could. For whatever reason, he loved us enough to give him back. He had him in the palm of his hands and still gave him back for us to love and care for awhile longer.

  • Obama right to own up to America's weaknesses

    The guest column by John Cauthen, “Obama should tout, not criticize America,” in the May 3 edition of The Lancaster News regarding his perceived criticism of America by President Barack Obama and other related comments clearly point out the diversity of opinions regarding the complex issues facing our nation today.

    I was very interested in the analogy used by Mr. Cauthen between misrepresenting the condition of a used car to President Obama’s admission of past mistakes made by our government.

  • Be ready, prepare for possible hurricanes

    His name was Hugo. It was almost 20 years ago when he visited Lancaster County at a speed of more than 100 mph. He made believers of those who thought a coastal hurricane could not travel almost 200 miles inland.

    But that is just what the Category 4 storm did on Sept. 21-22, 1989. When the rain and wind stopped, Lancaster County was totally in the dark for a while. The damaged was in the millions and some people were without power for more than a month.

  • Lucky to have three fathers

    As Father’s Day approached, I found myself reflecting back on fathers and father figures in my life.

    My father and I did not have a healthy relationship when I was growing up and therefore Fathers Day was not celebrated by me as a time of sweet remembrance. Even today, 38 years later, I still, at times, would prefer that this day be taken off the calendar. He died when I was 16 years old but the memories never did.

  • Fishing with kids teaches valuable lesson

    The fish were not cooperating at the Outer Banks, so I volunteered to help at a children’s fishing tournament at one of the piers.

    There were about 40 children from 3 to 15 years old. One family from Pennsylvania was there and there were several generations of skilled fisherman.

    I made quick friends with an 11-year-old girl, who was beating everyone catching fish. As she fished we discussed her life on the farm and her chickens. Later her 14-year-old cousin came up and started talking about his mornings at the pier and his prize catches of the week.