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  • Bruins' Roach signs with Anderson soccer

    Lancaster High School senior soccer standout Alex Roach’s dream of playing college soccer became reality Friday afternoon in the LHS media center.

    Roach, who said he first began thinking of playing college soccer at age 10, signed with Anderson University as happy parents, coaches and administrators witnessed.

    “I’ve played soccer all my life,” said Roach, a key three-year member of the LHS varsity. “Coach Sylvia helped me enjoy it that much more. He teaches you about life through the game of soccer.”

  • 3 officers recognized for DUI enforcement

    Booze it and lose it is a popular slogan in the campaign to reduce drunken driving in the Palmetto State. Three local law enforcement officers are doing their best in the ongoing fight to keep alcohol-impaired drivers off our state roads.

    The S.C. Department of Public Safety recently recognized two Lancaster Police Department officers, Pfc. Josh Small and Sgt. Dale Johnson, along with Sgt. Billy Hillton of the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Local EMS committed to saving our lives

    Talk about a twist of fate. In one edition of The Lancaster News, we printed a story about Lancaster County Emergency Medical Services winning a prestigious state award at its annual meeting in Myrtle Beach.

    In that article, Lanny Bernard, EMS director, touted the accomplishments of his 52 full-time and 25 part-time employees who work hard to provide life-saving care to Lancaster County residents.

    Just days later in another article, Bernard was defending EMS response time to calls in the northern end of Lancaster County.

  • Don't sacrifice public safety for builder profits

    Recent news reports tell us that America’s confidence in government is at an all-time low, and here’s a good example of why. Given a choice between ensuring the safety of citizens and lining the pockets of the home building industry with profits, South Carolina may be on the verge of giving public safety the back seat.

  • Mother finds strength, faith

    Cora Jane Caston Wallace always wanted to be a writer. But that was not an option for her. In fact, she had to quit school because her parents needed her at home. The day her mother said she wasn’t going back to school, Wallace cried all night.

    Wallace later went to work for Springs Industries. She married Monroe Wallace and they had four children. Their youngest child, Suzanne, was diagnosed at an early age with a rare condition called congenital pseudoarthrosis.

  • Writer wants choice of electric providers

    Several years ago Andrew Smith wrote a letter, “Lynches River holds us hostage.” He described it just right. We who are on Lynches River are not able to chose our electric provider.

    We have no voice on anything. The rates are outrageous and need to be adjusted. We need an option of another electricity provider so can live like normal people.

    Shirley McGriff



  • Area flooding has worsened last 10 years

    I am a big girl, so let me refine what I am saying about flooding (in the Edenmoor area.)

    These longtime residents may not live near the ranch (Larkspur) and drive by it daily like I do. I have lived here for 10 years, passing it daily.

    The Hinsons say yes, it has always flooded some, but nothing like it does now and not as frequently or with as deep, running rapids as now.

  • Writer: EMS does wonderful job with its resources

    As a resident of Indian Land and of this beautiful county of Lancaster, I would like to address the recent problems cited in the April 28 article, “EMS under fire about slow respionse time.”

  • Spratt should retire now

    U.S. Rep. John Spratt should quit.

    It’s a scary thought that Spratt would have another chance to vote for big pork bills, support the thrust for big government, further the radical left-wing agendas that add to the huge deficit and continue to vote for bills he does not read.

  • Join us at National Day of Prayer May 6

    A few weeks ago I told some friends that America, right now, has the government we deserve. A few of them were bothered by that statement. I realize now that I was wrong. America does not have the government we deserve. We deserve much worse; it is only by God’s grace and mercy that we do not have what we deserve.