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  • McGriff wins special primary

    Charlene McGriff edged out Blondale Funderburk to win in Tuesday’s special Democratic primary for Lancaster County Council’s District 2 seat.

    McGriff, chairwoman of the Lancaster County school board, won 371 votes to 345, according to the unofficial totals.

    Funderburk, a local businesswoman and first-time candidate, hugged several supporters as she learned of her loss Tuesday night at the Lancaster County Administration Building.  

  • Remembering Hurricane Hugo; Part 1 of 2

    Regina Butz may be the only person in the United States who has wedding and hurricane photos together in the same album.

    Butz, owner of Ace Hardware and Garden Center, and her husband, Tom, eloped to St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands on Sept. 16, 1989, for their wedding.

    This wasn’t one of those typical “run off and get married” deals without permission. The couple, in their late 20s, planned their nuptials in great detail and their families knew what was going on.

  • Department planning 15th annual Fire Expo

    Come celebrate National Fire Safety Week with the Lancaster Fire Department at its 15th annual Fire Safety Expo from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Oct. 10 at the Walmart parking lot.

    More than 20 fire trucks from the city of Lancaster and the county’s fleet will be on display. Firefighters will also be on hand to talk to visitors, who may walk through a fire safety house and watch a simulated automobile rollover.

    You also be able to learn how to fire-proof your home for the holidays during the expo.

  • We thought hurricanes were only for coasts

     The winds roared like a freight train that night. And they didn’t seem to stop. On and on, they roared. Fiercely. Frighteningly. Without mercy.

  • LHS school colors are blue and gold

    Thirty-eight years ago, Barr Street High and Lancaster High schools merged to become one local high school for all students in the Lancaster City school district. Through the unease and unknown of the merger, sound-minded administrators, parents and students from both schools joined together and formulated a new school, with a new alma mater, new school colors and a new mascot.

  • Man challenges 'facts' in previous letter

    I am writing in reference to Jeffery Donahue’s letter, “Get facts straight before making hasty decisions.” Mr. Donahue must be a fine young man serving his country in the guard and Army Reserve. He is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts, which were not correct in his letter. Lee Harvey Oswald was not a fundamentalist, which is liberal speak for conservative Christian. Oswald was a Marxist and Communist – a murderer, plain and simple.

  • DeMint breath of fresh air


  • Dissent is OK, but please be civil



    We are in our hearts and in our core purpose a local newspaper. It’s what we love doing. So we keep our coverage local almost all the time. But sometimes, you can’t avoid the big story outside the county lines.

  • Performance tax could hurt radio stations


  • Fifty years of progress

    The wiry, bespectacled professor walked into the classroom empty-handed. He went to the front of the room, turned to face the students and perched himself on the desk.

    He rocked his dangling legs and flailed his arms like an orchestra conductor as he made world history come to life for almost 30 students.