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  • Students’ safety on buses should be top priority

    I have a third grade child who is starting the Eagles program (for gifted and talented students) at Indian Land Elementary School this year. They will be riding the bus to Lancaster one day a week. I am both thrilled and excited at this prospect. However I am very concerned with the bus ride. It has come to my attention that the students, third- and fourth-graders, will be riding the bus with students of East Side Academy. These are middle school students who have had disciplinary problems in the past and are no longer allowed to attend Indian Land.

  • W.B. posting on Web site not W.B. Evans

    The individual whose screen name is WB on The Lancaster News Web site is NOT the the Remember When columnist W.B. Evans. I do not now nor have I submitted any comments relating to the various viewpoints in the readers comments section on the Web site.

    W.B. Evans



  • Sanford deserted state of South Carolina

    Gov. Mark Sanford’s affair can be forgiven. That is between him, his wife and God. But he put South Carolina in a bad situation when he left the country and didn’t let anyone know of his whereabouts.

    If we had had a disaster no one could have reached him and no one would know how to respond. What if he had been in a plane crash or something happened to him?

  • Please use decorum in readers comments

    The good, the bad, the ugly. That’s about the best way to describe some of the readers’ comments on stories, letters to the editor and columns on The Lancaster News Web site, www.thelancasternews.com.

    For those who view our articles on the Web site, I am sure you are familiar with some of the comments – maybe even made a few yourself.

  • Cash for Clunkers program has negative impact

    I don’t think it was intentional but the Cash for Clunkers article seemed to be one-sided and only spoke about the positives of the Cash for Clunkers program.

    In my opinion this program is a complete waste of taxpayer money. It is exactly the type of thing that many Americans are complaining about all around this country.

    This program has drastically hurt the used car industry because you can only get the money for your clunker if you purchase a brand new car.

  • Effort under way to identify smoke-free restaurants

    The Lancaster County Health and Wellness Commission and DHEC has begun a joint project to identify and celebrate restaurants that meet the smoke-free guidelines established by the American Cancer Society and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    While participation in this project is strictly voluntary, we hope that all Lancaster County restaurants will take this opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to making our county healthier.  

  • McGriff would bring her leadership skills to council

    After reading your article announcing Charlene  McGriff’s candidacy for the Lancaster County Council District 2 seat, I decided to write a  letter to The Lancaster Newsr stating what a great job she would do as council woman.

    I am a school board  member of the Orangeburg County Consolidated School  District 3. I met Ms. McGriff eight years ago at a S.C. School Board Association Conference.

    She gave an outstanding presentation on closing the achievement gap in education and implementing effective policies.

  • Happy 40th, Andrew Jackson High School

    A  big birthday cake, complete with orange and white icing along with royal blue trim, is due Andrew Jackson High School this weekend.

    AJ, as the school located in southern Lancaster County is known, is celebrating its 40th birthday.

    The Class AA high school has a proud tradition of producing leaders from its students and alumni ranks as well as being a vital part of the community.

  • Donate blood and become a lifesaver

    The gift of life. Larry Estridge is quite familiar with that gift. In 2007, Estridge was given 100 units of blood after a surgery that went awry. Without that lifesaving gift, Estridge would not be here today.

    The American Red Cross is issuing an urgent plea for blood donations because of a shortage of blood supply in the Southeast. Blood shortages often occur in the summer because donations and the number of organizations that are able to sponsor blood drives decrease, according to the agency.

  • McGriff will represent you with honor, integrity

    There is a special primary election scheduled for Sept. 15. This is a very important and critical election for District 2. I’m asking residents of District 2 to vote for my mother, Charlene McGriff.  I’m very proud to say that she is my role model. Usually you will hear parents talk about how proud they are of their children, but I must say I am overjoyed and honored to see the accomplishments that my mother has made throughout the years.