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  • Intimidator roller coaster lives up to its name

    The sun was shining through scattered clouds as I stood in line at Carowinds on Friday, the amusement park that straddles the North Carolina/South Carolina border.

    Next to me was our photographer Aaron Morrison, snapping some quick shots of the crowd around us and the several roller coasters nearby that soared into the blue sky.

    But those weren’t the coasters we were interested in.

  • City should reverse decision against Parsons

    It is nice to know that the city of Lancaster is now judge, jury and executioner. They have taken the word of two people and crucified Lancaster Police Officer Pat Parsons. Being the parent of a young man, who also lost his way as a teenager, I know that everything a young man says isn’t the truth. I found that out the hard way. But to take that young man’s word and his mother’s word over Officer Parsons and not have a fair and honest hearing is ludicrous.

  • Now is the time to fight for our country

    America is at a crossroads. One road leads to a progressive society with more aspects of our lives under government control.

    The other road leads to an American society of free individuals under a constitution that severely limits what the federal government can rightfully do.

    If we follow the progressive model, it will lead to a European-style welfare state so dependent on government that tax reduction is impossible because more people receive government benefits than those who produce the wealth.

  • City has thrown Officer Parsons to the wolves

    How far have we regressed as a people? Let’s see what we have on the table: We have a known perpetrator, a known thief (even petty theft is stealing), who was in a store (where in the recent past, management had called the police to remove him for loitering.) A police officer asked him to go outside, but he refused. The officer pulled him by his hood (didn’t drag him through hot coals or cause physical injury in any way), then slapped a cigarette out of his mouth (it was illegal for him to be smoking anyway), then touched his lips.

  • 67 charged in Operation Swift Strike

    At 4 p.m. Wednesday, the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office’s Drug/Gang Task Force began rounding up dozens of suspects wanted mainly on drug charges.

    In all, 67 people have been charged for 103 offenses in Operation Swift Strike, Sheriff Barry Faile said. The 103 charges included 98 drug violations, two assault and battery with intent to kill charges and two weapons violations.

    Faile said the purpose of the operation targeted the drug trade in high-crime areas.

  • IL resident to support Mick Mulvaney

    I agree with portions of recent guest columns about issues with Edenmoor. I was a major opponent against all the uncontrolled growth in Indian Land, even making an unsuccessful run for County Council in 2004. I would much rather see Edenmoor grow back up in to an uninhabited wasteland than turn into a home for 3,000-5,000 more Yankees.

    But to blame the flooding on Mick Mulvaney is taking it a little too far. I used to dig night crawlers for catfish bait on the swampland at Henry Harris Road and U.S. 521 in the early 1970s while Mr. Mulvaney was in diapers.

  • Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness

    Editor’s note: Dr. Kevin J. Nusz with The Eye & Laser Center wrote the following column because of concerns about diabetes and its impact on the vision of so many people in Lancaster County. March 23 was American Diabetes Association Alert Day. The one-day wake-up call was an effort to inform the American public about the seriousness of the disease. The annual Walk to Cure Diabetes will be held April 17 at Carowinds. Several local residents, including Jane Lucas and Emily Stacks, will participate with the Watts Up for Diabetes team.   

  • American capitalism gone without much of a whimper

    Wake up, America. Time for change. That was and is President Barack Obama’s creed. Let’s all thank God that Obama has done one thing good for America.

    He has finally aroused the citizens of America to wake up and see his real political agenda. That agenda is to governmentally take over America and become her dictator, oops, I mean unconditional leader without question.

  • Winter 2009/10 makes many potholes for crews to repair

    The cold and wet weather of winter 2009/10 has taken its toll on Lancaster County roads, cracking asphalt and creating many potholes.

    Lancaster County Public Works Director Darin Robinson said this has created many problems for local motorists and a lot of repair work for his department and the S.C. Department of Transportation.

    “I know we, as well as local DOT, are suffering from the effects of this winter on the roads,” Robinson said.

  • A literate community is a healthy community

    Located on West Dunlap Street just across from the historic Lancaster Courthouse is the Lancaster Area Literacy Cooperative. Its purpose is pretty much reflective in its name. It’s obvious when you walk into the office. Book shelves line the walls, a room is filled with computers and dedicated employees try to improve the local literacy rate.