Today's News

  • 2nd Chance needs help

    The thrift store and Christian ministry formerly known as Helping Hands will open soon under a new name, 2nd Chance.

    The negative impact of cold weather has affected us here at the 1877 Grace Ave. location. Having no heat in the building has impaired our ability to provide quality services to the community.

  • Mulvaney the right man for the job

    I was shocked when I saw the latest voting analysis for U.S. Congressman John Spratt, published by the Washington Post.

    The data showed that Spratt had voted 97.8 percent of the time with the likes of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other liberal democratic leaders.

    I was taken aback by this information when I considered the fact that Spratt was supposed to be a moderate Democrat. Spratt’s record clearly shows just how far left from center he actually is.

    Spratt is also choosing to seek a mind-boggling 15th term this year!

  • Sleeping in

    After 37 years, some things never change.

    Fred Adams, Donald Boone, Noland Broach, Jack Sistare, Morrison Thompson and Louie Watts still get together around a well-worn table inside the South 200 Drive-In on Great Falls Highway each morning.

    It’s there – between sips of hot coffee, bites of hot breakfast and rounds of warm laughter – the men try to solve global warming and understand cold-hearted politicians.

    But one thing has changed about their early-morning ritual.

    Restaurant owner Larry Small no longer lets them in.

  • Four groups get city grants

    Lancaster Mayor Joe Shaw repeatedly said during Tuesday’s City Council meeting that he’s opposed to council making adjustments to the proposed hospitality tax grant allotments.

    The city’s Hospitality Tax Grant Committee had recommended that just two of the four applicants be approved for funding during the second-quarter funding cycle, and that those two groups each get $20,000.

    But by the end of Tuesday’s meeting, all four of the prospective grantees found themselves receiving a share of the $40,000.

  • SPEND $20 ON 20th

    Based on the success of last year’s experiment, The Lancaster News is again offering its $20 on the 20th promotion.

    For $20, local businesses are running ads in the Wednesday, Jan. 20 edition of the newspaper promoting specials that cost $20 or less.

    The promotion benefits small businesses that cannot afford to advertise often. Newspaper staffers hope it will create goodwill with advertisers and help the local economy.

  • Events to honor Martin Luther King Jr.

    Events are slated for today and Monday to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the ideals he fought for.

    The events include:

    • A Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day service at 4 p.m. today at First Washington Baptist Church, 1300 W. Meeting St. Guest speaker is Bennie Webb. For details, call (803) 804-1076. The Lancaster Branch of the NAACP is the sponsor.

  • Council honors Soccer All-Stars

    It was a good day to be an All-Star on Jan. 4.

    That’s when County Council honored several young people from the county’s Parks and Recreation Soccer Mite All-Stars. The team, which recently competed in the state championships in the 11- to 12-year-old bracket, are the 2009 Mite soccer state champions.

    Council Chairman Rudy Carter congratulated the team and presented a special proclamation to the young athletes.

    “This is what I like to do,” Carter said. “I like to brag on our young people.”

  • I will cry when our gas bill gets here

    Somehow during middle of the night, that blanket at the foot of the bed got pulled up snug around my shoulders.

    I felt all comfy and cozy until my feet touched the bare oak floor.

    Bless Pete, it’s cold.

    As I navigated toward the kitchen to flip on the coffee pot, my better half stirred.

    “Turn the heat up,” she said. “We have a baby in the house.”

    You know, I seriously doubt if that child was as frosty as great-grandmama.

  • National Do Nothing Day is in a league of its own

    On Thanksgiving, we celebrate with turkey and pumpkin pies. The center of Christmas is the birth of a savior. Valentine’s Day is sweetened by chocolate and overly-sentimental cards.

    Mother’s Day is flowers, treating mom to lunch and a little extra pampering.

    Veterans Day is filled with parades to honor our servicemen and service women for their sacrifice.

    We even know what we’re supposed to do on Earth Day, World AIDS Day and Arbor Day.

    However, there’s one holiday, or technically, an un-holiday, that has me bamboozled.

  • Man found hurt in parking lot; another man faces charges

    A Lancaster man was arrested on several charges after deputies found an injured man in the parking lot of the Wash Tub on Great Falls Highway early Wednesday.

    James Blake Rivers, of 2511 Charlotte Highway, was charged with assault and battery with intent to kill, resisting arrest, possession with intent to distribute marijuana and possession with intent to distribute marijuana within proximity of a school.