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  • Cooperative promotes health, literacy at 5K race

    Some 126 runners and walkers gathered in front of the Carole Ray Dowling Center on May 8 to compete in the Lancaster Area Literacy Cooperative (LALC) 5K Race for Literacy. The race was part of the Red Rose Festival.

    Many participants were from the Lancaster area, but others came from surrounding South Carolina counties and from North Carolina to take part in the event.

  • McGriff fends off Funderburk in District 2 race

    Councilwoman Charlene McGriff will likely keep her District 2 seat on Lancaster County Council for the next four years.

    In the only locally contested primary race, McGriff won with 585 votes over Blondale Funderburk, who received 330.

    McGriff said she is passionate about representing the residents of District 2, and that running for council is not something one does on a whim.

    “I feel good about it,” McGriff said shortly after the votes were tallied Tuesday. “This is a position you have to prepare yourself for.”

  • Writer warns of absentee ballots concern

     After the letter from a previous writer concerning who should be our County Council District 2 representative, I thought I would not have to write a letter.

    But I wanted my community to know that the tricks in obtaining absentee applications are still going on. Do not be fooled. I sure hope someone in authority is paying attention.

    District 2 has become the topic of conversation in how to not follow the law. I voted in November 2009, for the most qualified person and I plan to vote on June 8, 2010, again for the most qualified person, Charlene McGriff

  • Cigarette tax increase will impact all of us

    It has been reported that people living in North Carolina drive to border towns like Lancaster and Fort Mill to buy cigarettes and gas because those products are less expensive in South Carolina. Now that we have raised the cigarette tax 50 cents a pack, we won’t be getting that revenue from North Carolina buyers.

    I didn’t like what Gov. Mark Sanford did to South Carolina when he left us without a governor for almost a week. But at least he does see the big picture. Why can’t other officials and leaders see it?

  • Writer suggests tax increase to save jobs

    I recently read some disturbing news in The Lancaster news. The Lancaster County School District is going to eliminate 100 jobs. This is so disturbing because the citizens of Lancaster are willing to pay $30 million to build a new courthouse, which we don’t need. We expect to receive $5.29 million less in funding from the state. Couldn’t we use a percent of these funds to support our schools?

  • The time for civility is now

    It seems the good advice given to me by my father many years ago bears repeating in these contentious times. These were the precepts by which he lived.

    1. If someone is not an immediate threat to you, never harm them intentionally nor hinder them in any way.

    2. Don’t make negative judgments about another – you are not in their shoes and they do not have the same understanding of a situation as you. We, as individual humans, do not have the right to the competence to judge another.

  • Conservatives are now moving again

    The birth of conservatism is the same date as the birth of America. From the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

    This very statement gives us  the three main principles of conservatism, that is, our belief in a creator, in his creation and in God-given moral absolutes.

  • Couple grateful for officer's help

    I would like to thank Sgt. Dale Johnson with the Lancaster Police Department. Mr. Johnson handled a recent incident between Michael and Melenia Trotter and the Big Lots manager at the store.

    Mr. Johnson is to be commended. He handled the situation very professionally and Police Chief Hugh White should be glad he is on his staff.

    Again,  thank you Mr. Johnson for being so helpful.

    Melenia and Michael


    Great Falls

  • Judicial center puts branches of government under one roof

    I have heard a lot of talk about the new judicial center, also known as the courthouse, much of which has been positive but a great deal which can described as critical and/or questioning.

    Perhaps the most descriptive talk about the judicial center is the size. Now while I use the term judicial center it should be pointed out that much of this facility is for nonjudicial categories.

    In that I mean that our system of government which is much like the federal government in which we have three branches, executive, legislative and judicial.

  • Writer appreciates 'beautiful area' at welcome sign

    I would like to comment on how beautiful the area is around the “Welcome to Lancaster” sign across from Lancaster Motors on U.S. 521. It took a lot of work, time and talent to convert a vacant area into something so beautiful.

    Lancaster should be proud of this and sit up and take notice.

    I do not know who is responsible for this, but give yourselves a big pat on the back for a job well done.

    Nancy Crolley