Today's News

  • Dear Gov. Sanford: Please resign now

    Clarity. We wish Gov. Mark Sanford would have a moment of it, and soon. But sadly, we seriously question when clarity and our governor last met. For almost three months now, Sanford has brought embarrassment to himself, the office he holds and the state of South Carolina.

    Though he’s been out on road on sort of a “forgiveness tour,” Sanford hasn’t been able to regain the confidence he lost in June when he was busted as he returned from his now-infamous trip to Argentina, where he went to visit the woman with whom he was having an extramarital affair.

  • We were blessed to have the Wilkies as our neighbors

    Richard “Dick” Wilkie passed away on Aug. 11, 2009. Dick worked for Springs Industries for years. He and his wife, Mary were our neighbors. Most of all they were our friends.

    When Dick left Springs, he started painting. He drew beautiful golf course pictures. He drew an old house on a dirt road that reminded me of the one I learned to drive on when I was 12. The Wilkies gave me that picture. His paintings also included birds and beautiful landscapes and his work was often on display at Springs Memorial Hospital.

  • Godson asks voters to support Funderburk

    All my life I have looked up to my godmother Blondale Funderburk. She is my role mode and one day I’m going to be just like her one day. She has always been their for support. So I am here to encourage District 2 to vote for her. She has excellent leadership skills. She is a social butterfly. She always gets the job done.

    She is a confident person. She’s respectful and let’s not forget knowledgeable.

    She has been my role model since day 1. My name is Malik I. Mackey and I am 12 years old. If I were old enough to vote, I would vote for her.

  • Great Falls Fire Department grateful for help

    The Great Falls Fire Department would like to take this opportunity to thank all the fire departments in the area that came to the Great Falls No. 2 mill warehouse fire on Aug. 25. Your overwhelming response was greatly needed and very helpful.

    Also, we would like to send a special thank you to the city of Chester, Winnsboro Department of Public Safety and Elgin Fire Department from Lancaster County for the response of their ladder trucks.

  • Council should listen to planners

    There was a time not so long ago when Lancaster County Council never seemed to listen to its planning commission.

    This was before the housing bust, back when Indian Land property was red hot. Council meetings then were dominated by builders appearing before council, seeking to have their new housing or commercial development approved by council.

    The county’s professional planning staff and council’s appointed planning commission often recommended denial of requests to have properties rezoned for higher-density development.

  • McGriff has proven experience

    As another election process comes around, we as citizens must re-examine our local community. We must ponder not just its current state, but where and how we want it developed. Our society evolves as we citizens evolve. Its goals, agendas and morals change with each successive generation. So, it stands to reason that as we step behind the curtain to choose our elected officials that the future of our community is what we are truly voting for.

  • Government won't tell me how to parent my child

    While I agree with Congressman John Spratt that our health care system is in need of reform, my personal health care is not either paid or provided through the federal government.

    Spratt needs to actually read the bill in question if he hasn’t already, because I do not agree where it’s outlined in sections 440 and 1904 of the House bill (Page 838), under the heading “home visitation programs for families with young children and families expecting children.”

  • Lady Bruins tennis team tops FM

    The Lancaster High School Lady Bruins tennis team improved to 2-0 with a win Tuesday night over Fort Mill High School.

    The Lady Bruins prevailed 5-2 with a strong performance from Morgan Gardner as well as comeback wins from Sarah Gilreath and the doubles team of Carley Adams and Katherine Lalla.


    Morgan Chumney (FM) def. Lyndsey Hegler (L)  6-0, 6-0.

    Morgan Gardner (L) def. Mady Katz (FM) 6-3, 6-1.

    Sara Hicks (L) def. Kayla Blackley (FM) 6-1, 6-4.

    McKenzie Blanton (L) def. Ali Jensen (FM) 6-2, 6-1.

  • Bruins’ Truesdale, IL’s Anthony garner honors

    For the second straight week, Lancaster High School senior running back Zed Truesdale, who has rushed for 434 yards in two games, has been honored by the Founders Federal Tri-County Football Coaches Association.

    Truesdale ran for 211 yards and three touchdowns in the Bruins’ 38-28 home win over Fort Mill High School on Friday night. Truesdale earned the Class AAAA Offensive Player of the Week for the second straight week. This week, he shared the honor with Rock Hill’s Jamal Tyler. Truesdale won the award outright in week one.

  • Truesdale sparks unbeaten Warriors to 42-20 win

    INDIAN LAND The unbeaten Indian Land Warriors were quite offensive Friday night.

    The Warriors rolled up a 35-0 lead on Blacksburg and cruised to a 42-20 win over the Wildcats at the IL Reservation.

    The 2-0 Warriors racked up 351 yards of total offense in posting the 22-point win.

    “I’m glad we’re playing well,” IL coach Mike Mayer said. “At the same time, we have a lot of room for improvement and our players will be the first to say that.