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  • Inauguration viewing party slated at USCL

    Thelathia Bailey wants to ensure that local college students don’t miss out on Tuesday’s historic inauguration day.

    Bailey, who oversees the TriO program at the University of South Carolina at Lancaster, has helped organize a viewing party for Barack Obama’s inauguration as the 44th president.

    The viewing, co-sponsored by USCL’s student government association, will be held at the TriO Learning Resource Center, adjacent to the Medford Library.

  • Obama ushers in new era

    Today is a day that many people thought they’d never live to see – a day when a black man holds the highest elective office in the country.

    So much has already been said about this fact since the historic election of Barack Obama as president in November. But it’s a milestone that can’t be overstated, considering how divisive an issue race has been since the founding of this country.

  • Read ingredients label when buying pet foods

    Your pet is a member of the family and when you buy food for them, it’s important to make sure that they are getting the best nutrition possible.

    That means reading the label on the back of the bag, said Max Talbert, of Animal Supply House on S.C. 9 Bypass.

    Talbert knows what he talking about. He is a pet food specialist who’s taken courses on what works best for pets.

  • Kerosene prices rise as supply decreases

    As gasoline prices continue to drop from their record highs last fall, supplies of kerosene have dwindled, causing prices to skyrocket.

    According to the Web site, www.homeheatingoilprices.com, which tracks oil, propane and kerosene prices throughout the country, the average price for a gallon of kerosene is $3.85, an increase of $1 over last year and 30 cents over the last month.  

    In comparison, AAA reports the average national price for a gallon of regular gas at $1.85. The South Carolina average for a gallon of regular is $1.70.

  • City preps to seek a cut of stimulus package

    Lancaster City Council has identified projects that could possibly receive funding under Barack Obama’s proposed stimulus package.

    Earlier this month, Obama unveiled the multi-billion dollar American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan, which is projected to foster short- and long-term economic growth through the creation of jobs that focus on energy use and infrastructural needs.

  • LHS teacher performing as part of pre-inaugural event

    Charisse Witherspoon has the chance to witness Barack Obama’s historic swearing in Tuesday, but has chosen to come back to Lancaster in time for the start of classes that day.

    Witherspoon, an English and drama teacher at Lancaster High School, is part of a six-member gospel group Promises that is performing during a movie screening today in Washington, D.C.

  • Sanford honors park ranger for river rescue

    Al James. Landsford Canal State Park superintendent, was honored by Gov. Mark Sanford in last week’s State of the State address. Sanford held him up as an example for all state employees as he began the annual address.

  • Goody’s closing down 282 stores

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Goody’s Family Clothing Inc., a retailer of moderately-priced family apparel with a store in Lancaster, is going out of business.

    The store has announced a going-out-of-business sale in all 282 stores across 20 states, principally in the Southeast and Midwest.

  • Let Sanford know how you feel about his proposal

    This letter is out of concern about the closing of the University of South Carolina at Lancaster campus. I want to thank Lancaster County Administrator Steve Willis for his description of Gov. Mark Sanford. When I heard about the governor’s proposal to close USCL on WSOC News, I used the same words – looney tunes and out of his mind.

    I know the economy is bad and I understand our state has to watch the budget. I do not understand why the governor wants to take away something that is so important to our county.

  • Council opposes Sanford’s plans

    County Council members plan to oppose Gov. Mark Sanford’s proposed plan to close the University of South Carolina at Lancaster.

    At a special workshop Monday night, council members discussed a variety of upcoming issues, including Sanford’s recently unveiled state spending proposal. The $5.8 billion budget calls for the closing of USCL and the USC campuses at Union and Salkehatchie over a two-year period.

    Council discussed drafting a resolution asking Sanford to keep USCL open.