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  • Jim vs. Jim battle for fiscal future

    In a state known for dichotomies, there may be none greater than South Carolina’s representation in Congress by both Rep. Jim Clyburn and Sen. Jim DeMint.

    They share the same first names, modest means and low-key manner. The similarities end there, though, especially with regard to fiscal matters.

    In fact, they arguably represent the bookends of the debate that incited the recent “TEA parties” across the country.

  • We should all drive responsibly, defensively

    Motorcyclists and other good people are getting hurt and dying on our highways.

    I found a national statistic on the Web that says there are 75 percent more motorcycles registered now than there were 10 years ago. Sometimes it is the biker’s fault and very often it is the fault of the driver of the passenger vehicle.

  • S.C. doesn’t need dual education system

    If there’s any good at all to be found in South Carolina’s fifth straight year of debate over tax credits/vouchers for private schools, maybe it’s this.

    After years of feigning concern for poor students in struggling schools, of pretending to believe that taking money from public schools might make them better, we are finally debating what this plan has always really been about – subsidizing private education for the few at the expense of public education for the many.

  • Thomas family grateful for support

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank our entire community for its support and prayers during Fred Thomas Jr.’s illness and passing. You stood by us in a very difficult time and we are grateful. We all miss him terribly; but will hang on to the many memories and lessons he provided us during his wonderful life.

    We are comforted in knowing that we will see him again.

    The Thomas family (Anabell, Rosalyn, Kevin, Adrian and Fredrick)


  • Jordan made world a better place

    Jordan Smith, a recent Winthrop University graduate, died in a two-vehicle accident Sunday in Rock Hill.

    Lancaster County sheriff’s deputy Sgt. Stacey Roberts was also killed.

    Lancaster News reporter Jesef Williams, a Winthrop graduate, was friends with Smith, and is also friends with Smith’s girlfriend, Bonita Davis, who was injured in the crash.

    Melancholy instrumentals serve as the soundtrack as I think about Jordan Smith.

  • Make time for your Mom today

    Mother’s Day history dates back to the spring celebration of ancient Greece to honor Rhea, the gods’ mother.

    In the United States, Mother’s Day was first suggested after the Civil War by social activist Julia Ward Howe, who penned the words to the “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” She was astounded by the war’s carnage. In 1870, she tried to issue a manifesto for peace at international peace conferences in London and Paris.

  • Paper shouldn’t sing praises of Roberts

    This letter is in regards to the May 6 article about Sgt. Stacey Roberts. I don’t understand why he is being hailed as some kind of hero when, in fact, he killed an innocent 22-year-old young man and seriously injured a 22-year-old young lady.

    I’ve always believed there was a double standard between police officers and regular citizens, but to say “he loved pulling people over and writing tickets” is a blatant act of disrespect to Jordan Smith’s loved ones.

  • State budget less than desirable

    Several weeks of some of the most hotly contested debate in recent memory culminated last week with a vote on the 2009-2010 state budget in the S.C. Senate.

    While most media outlets have pitched this year’s budget debate as a “Sanford vs. the Legislature” proposition, that didn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the complexity of issues involved.  

    At the end of the day, the budget passed. I voted against it. Here’s why:

    First and foremost, I thought there was a better budget that had been offered.

  • Most know what conservative means

    In the May 3 edition of The Lancaster News, letter writer Wayne Love clarified some points he made in an earlier letter.

    Mr. Love, it would have been a lot easier, and greener  for you to just say, “I am a right-wing, conservative Republican.” Then all of the other “I ams” would have been understood. Most Americans know what a right-wing, conservative Republican is. We’ve lived – or should I say endured – the past eight years with one as president.

  • Police reports - May 20, 2009

    According to Lancaster Police Department reports:

    - A Lancaster man was arrested on several charges after an officer saw him stumble into the street May 16.

    Randy Kirkland, 50, 412 Kershaw St., was charged with public drunkenness, littering and resisting arrest.

    The report said the officer was leaving an unrelated call when he saw Kirkland stumble in the street in the area of Dunlap Street and Willowlake Road. The officer got out of his car and saw Kirkland pour out the contents of a cup, throw the cup in the street and walk away quickly.