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  • Teen, 19, faces stalking charge

    A Lancaster man who wore a bullet-proof vest to class at the University of South Carolina at Lancaster last month has been charged with harassment and stalking.

    Jeffery Daniel Donahue, 19, of 1018 Starcliff Circle, was arrested by the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office on Feb. 24 and charged with stalking and harassment.

    According to incident reports, a brother, sister and their mother came to the sheriff’s office on Feb. 18 and talked to deputies about how Donahue was harassing the woman, who is married, and her brother.

  • Morgan's honor no surprise

    Lancaster County Auditor Cheryl Morgan received quite a nice surprise when she attended the S.C. Association of Auditors, Treasures and Tax Collectors’ annual meeting Feb. 5.

    Morgan had no idea she was the recipient of the highly regarded L.H. Sonny Siau Award of Excellence.

    “I was totally surprised,” said Morgan, who was touched by the honor. “I just cried. It was really emotional.”

    The coveted award is named in honor of the former auditor of Georgetown County.

  • Newspaper delivery man went the 'extra mile' for couple

    I wish to tell you how much I appreciated our paper delivery man on Saturday, Jan. 30.

    I looked out the window and saw him pull up to our paper box and I thought to myself “the paper will have to stay until the weather clears up.”

    Then he got out of his car and started toward our home.I tried to meet him at the door, but couldn’t move fast enough. He knocked as I was trying to meet him.

  • Being an American means freedom, responsibility

    When I think of America and what it means to me, I have to pause and collect my thoughts because it means so much more than hot dogs, parades, bands, balloons and fliers.

    It means more than the fancy speeches that politicians always seem to come up with, although they rarely know anything about the way most Americans live.

    To me, America means the right to live my life just as I choose. It means I have the right to vote or not to vote, the right to walk down Main Street in my sandals and shorts or ride down Main Street in my Cadillac.

  • County right to ban tobacco

    On Feb. 22, County Council will vote on third reading of an ordinance that bans smoking and use of other types of tobacco products in all county-owned buildings and vehicles.

    It looks like there is enough support to get the ban approved. Council voted unanimously on first reading, then 6-1 on second reading.

  • Seniors grateful for Hillside Class of 1970 gift

    The Lancaster County Council on Aging Heath Springs lunch bunch community seniors and Mount Calvary Outreach seniors are truly appreciative for the gift of love from the class of Hillside Highside Class of 1970 for the shoe box gift. The boxes contained useful items that we all need and will carry us well into the new year.

    Each time we use them, we will certainly think of you. In spite of the economy, you came through for us to make our Christmas merrier and we are elated that you remembered us in such a special way.

  • Taxpayers deserve better from employment agency

    One of the most important things any government entity should do is ensure there is proper accounting for public funds so that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and opportunities for waste or fraud are minimized. That’s as true for small town government as it is for state government.

    Unfortunately, the goals of doing careful bookkeeping, providing strong financial oversight and being transparent with how money is spent are often paid mere lip service by those in charge of government purse-strings.

  • Lucas, Vols are hopeful about season

    The 2010 Andrew Jackson baseball team sports a new look this spring.

    New Volunteers’ head baseball coach Mike Lucas is at the helm, stressing a new attitude.

    “Our goal is the region championship,” said Lucas, who was named the AJ baseball coach late last summer. “Central (Pageland) has set the standard for baseball in our region for a long time and we’re trying to reach that.”

    The Vols’ new look includes a renovated infield, new bullpens and a new set of uniforms.

  • Lawson's Bend not a subsidiary of GS Carolina

    I wanted to correct some information in the recent editorial: “County seeks to untangle Edenmoor quagmire.” Lawson’s Bend LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of L.M. Sandler & Son of Virginia Beach, Va.

    Lawson’s Bend hired GS Carolina to oversee the development of Edenmoor. As of March 2009, GS Carolina is no longer affiliated with Lawson’s Bend and is no longer on the Edenmoor Homeowners Association Board, since they obviously have nothing to develop.

  • Don't text, drive, use cell phone

    It’s a no-brainer that driving while texting is dangerous. But people do it every day. The worst offenders are probably younger people, especially teens and young adults in their early 20s.

    We say this because we see how immensely popular texting via a cell phone or a personal digital assistant (PDA) is with the younger crowd.