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  • Special Mother's Day at White Oak Manor

    I am 95 years old and I objected strongly when I became a resident of White Oak Manor. My first thinking was this was a place to die in.

    But that is not so. It is really a place where love and care are abundant. South Carolina provides good medical care for its senior citizens. And I am a “damn Yankee” from Buffalo, N.Y.

    Mother’s Day was a special day here. I had breakfast in bed. Then families came to visit. The parking lot was overflowing. At lunch, the main dining room was crowded, with sons, daughters, grandchildren and friends.

  • No summer camp at Treetops in '08

    VAN WYCK – The woods at Camp TreeTops will remain quiet this summer.

    The 624-acre Van Wyck camp, which serves children through The Family Center in Charlotte, served 458 children at summer camps last year, said camp executive director Kristy Davis. Due to some strategic changes and funding issues, Davis said, the camps will not be offered this summer.

    "There's not a nonprofit in the world right now that's not struggling," Davis said. "We're taking the summer off. Hang in there with us. We're not going anywhere."

  • CPTC nets 55 ribbons in meet opener

    The Columbus Parker Track Club earned 55 ribbons in its first meet this season held at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte on May 3.The club is coached by Arthur Benjamin and Dorothy Spartt-Ingram, with assistance from Tyger Ingram, a 16-year member of the club.Team parents are Shirley Truesdale and Charlotte Davis who have youngsters competing on the team.The CPTC roster includes 112 members.The coaches would like to thank their donors and their primary funding source, the J.

  • DUI law tough, but not tough enough

    South Carolina’s drunk driving law will have more bite in February 2009. That’s when tougher penalties go into effect and some loopholes in the existing law are set to go out of effect. You’d be pressed to find anyone in law enforcement or in the prosecution of drunk drivers who’d argue the driving under the influence law in South Carolina didn’t need revising.

  • Expect more troopers on roads this holiday weekend

    You may be enjoying a long weekend for Memorial Day, but the S.C. Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies will have extra officers on the roads.

    The Memorial Day weekend is considered the unofficial start of the summer vacation season.

    It also kicks off what the Highway Patrol calls the 100 Deadly Days of Summer, as traffic deaths often go up during the summer, with more people traveling to vacation destinations between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

  • Balance growth to prosper, preserve natural beauty

    Our kayaks round a bend in the Catawba River – and we see it. A flashing streak hitting the water, a splash and then the powerful wings coming into focus as they pull the bald eagle up with a squirming snake in its talons.

    We all sit there stunned for a moment. Then, we’re all talking at once, amazed at what we’ve just seen only a few miles from where we live and work.

    My children run back down the trail to me, chattering, “Mom, it’s so big!”

  • A home of the brave

    “O say can you see by the dawn’s early light... for the land of the free and the home of the brave.” How we love the song “The Star-Spangled Banner.” America is the home of the brave. I was very fortunate to grow up in a home full of the brave.

    My grandfather, the late L.C. Ormand, served in the army. He fought in World War II. I remember a strong man who was full of grace and braveness.

  • Make sure your know the facts before you sign an agreement

    I would like to share some information the public may not be aware of. I assisted my disabled son financially with a legal matter not knowing there may be help for the disabled. Before signing any agreement make sure you do your homework. Don’t assume your legal team will supply this information. You may be able to get free legal services. You can call S.C. Legal Services at 1 (800) 922-3853 to see if you qualify for help before signing any agreement.

  • Wildcats capture tournament title

    Carolina Wildcats, a Lancaster area 16U boys basketball AAU team, recently won the Pre-Memorial Day Invitational held in Forest City, N.C., on May 16-18.

  • Update on landscape around post office

    Tom Morgan wrote in his letter in the May 14 edition of The Lancaster News about the post office landscape being neglected. Acting postmaster Dean Roberts said the problem was corrected earlier that week. Roberts said there were problems with the lawnmower and other grass-cutting equipment.