Today's News

  • Life is a constant tweak for Legacy Five

    Since forming in 1999, the music ministry of Legacy Five has been paved with success.

    There have been numerous hit songs, appearances on Gaither and Friends Homecoming videos, on “In Touch” with Dr. Charles Stanley, TNN, TBN, Sky Angel, INSP, GMT and The Odyssey Network, music awards and a strong fan base.

    But that road to success has been bumpy, too, said Legacy Five’s Scott Fowler.

    The Southern gospel quartet will perform at 7 p.m. today  at Second Baptist Church as part of the 2010 GlennMark Concert Series.

  • Blackwell's spirit is alive and well

    Matt Blackwell’s 24th birthday was Thursday – April 8.

    Matt, of course, left us some nine years ago when he died in a May 11, 2001 auto accident, just over a month past his 15th birthday.

    Death took the body in the spring of 2001, but Matt Blackwell’s spirit was alive and well at Doomsday Corner at the first Matt Blackwell Invitational, his prep stomping grounds.

  • Truesdale's hopes high for Vols soccer

    New Andrew Jackson High School varsity soccer coach Marc Truesdale has high hopes for Andrew Jackson’s team this year.

    Truesdale, who guided the AJ junior varsity soccer team, has taken over from coach Randy Jordan, who left the AJ program to lead the University of South Carolina at Lancaster women’s soccer team.

    Jordan’s final team compiled a 15-6 mark, which included a 2-0 Class AA Upper State playoff loss at Walhalla.

    Truesdale, who guided the Junior Vols to a 9-0 mark last spring when they outscored their foes 42-1, is assisted by Van Steen.

  • Help promote Lancaster

    Can you describe what Lancaster means to you in 50 words? If so, See Lancaster wants you to submit those 50 words in an effort to promote our county.

    See Lancaster, the group that promotes tourism in the county, recently started the effort that asks residents to submit a quote saying why they embody the spirit of Lancaster and why the county is a great place to live.

    See Lancaster wants the quotes, along with the person’s portrait to be placed on posters that will be displayed in storefront windows in downtown Lancaster.

  • Spratt's call will cost you plenty

    U.S. Rep. John Spratt told a reporter during a recent interview about his vote in the health care reform bill that he would have preferred to have taken the overhaul in stages or steps.

    “By taking on the whole bucketful of issues and problems, it only made it (more) complex,” Spratt said.

    Whose call was it? Either he voted on his own freewill or someone pulled his puppet strings. John Spratt holds no personal responsibility for his actions. Lets look at a few more items that may or may not have been Spratt’s call.

  • Scouting inductees worthy of the honor

    One hundred years of Scouting in Lancaster County recently got a fitting salute as four men were inducted into the county’s Boy Scout Hall of Fame.

    The four to enter the Boy Scout Hall of Fame were led by Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke.

    Duke, an Eagle Scout, was joined by Jack Caskey, Don Scott and the late Bob Hardin.

    Duke, one of a dozen men to walk on the moon, said his Scouting roots provided a foundation for his aerospace career.

  • Parsons grateful for community support

    I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who has supported me and my family through this very troubling time.

    Your belief in me and your kind words are appreciated more than simple words could ever express.

    I know that this ordeal has also been very hard on many of you as well. Many of you have been attacked on a personal level for publicly showing your support for me. For that I am truly sorry. My own family has had to endure these attacks as well. Yet they still stand strong beside me.

  • A view from the little pink house

    Have you ever wondered what you would do if you found yourself or a family member involved with an unexpected pregnancy? There are few families today untouched by such circumstances.

    We serve a variety of clients at the Lancaster Pregnancy Care Center. All races and socio-economic statuses are represented. They may be educated or not. They may be single. Some are married. No matter who they are or what their background may be, we recognize the value of each life – that of the woman and the child she is carrying.

  • Hampton Sherrin reboots cancer patient's life

    Each year, the Relay For Life puts a face to cancer victims, survivors and their caregivers for everyone to see.

    For Hampton Sherrin, 21, cancer now has a face, but he doesn’t know it belongs to. And Sherrin won’t know who it belongs to until next spring.

    But it is a face he wants to see.

    The Buford High School graduate and senior at Presbyterian College has changed, and hopefully, saved someone’s life.

  • County should not change form of government

    I note that our duly elected County Auditor Cheryl Morgan attended the Lancaster County Council meeting and recommended the county retain the elected positions of auditor and treasurer.

    When I first read about the proposal to change those two positions to appointed rather than elected, I began to feel uneasy. I have long assumed that elections give the public an opportunity to decide on the incumbent.

    Appointments take away that opportunity. Some recent Web page comments have not been favorable toward appointed officials, whether justified or not.