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  • Sanford not up to job as governor

    By the time you read this, Mark Sanford may be South Carolina’s ex-governor. We hope so. But as we write this Wednesday afternoon, Sanford is still the state’s top chief executive and his spokesmen are saying he won’t resign – despite the increasingly louder chorus of political leaders, newspaper editorial boards and average South Carolinians who were asking him to do just that.

  • New momentum for transparency

    Across the state, there’s a growing movement that will result in greater government efficiency and accountability.

    Several local governments have begun putting their monthly check registers on the Internet. By doing so, they are empowering taxpayers with click-of-a-mouse access to details about how their hard-earned tax dollars are spent… and helping create a new era of transparency in South Carolina.

  • Don't close Pleasant Hill Volunteer Fire Department

    In the June 3 edition of The Lancaster News, the  headline read, “County may ax fire department.” In the June 7 edition, there was a headline, “Commission votes to close fire department.”

    Sounds like it may be a done deal. Let’s hope not. It is wrong. It is just plain wrong to attempt to close Pleasant Hill Volunteer Fire Department or any other volunteer fire department for that matter. Perhaps a better title to the June 3 article should have been, “Someone has an axe to grind.”

  • Let me share another fairy tale

    In his July 8 letter, “Dialogue, health care for everyone is good news,” Lou Desser tells us how wonderful the Obama health care plan will be.

    He seems to think other countries with universal health care live in utopia.

    Well, all I can add to that is  ...and after Cinderella married the prince she thanked her fairy godmother and left for the castle.

    “You and the prince will live happily ever after,” sang Cinderella’s godmother. “But if you don’t, remember to blame it on that Bush fellow.”

  • First fundraiser a success

    White Oak Manor’s first fundraiser for Alzheimer’s research was a success. And that success was due to the all the hard work of White Oak employees, residents, their families, volunteers and support of the community. The event raised $2,560.68.

  • America sits silent as rights to healthcare slip away

    Comrade John Spratt has recently voted yes to increase your utility bill by $1,000 per year.

    His choice was to support his party or support the families of South Carolina. He chose his party. Comrade Spratt is a loyal subject of his party.

    The bill will increase gas prices and tax all manufacturing companies in the United States. Their taxes will be passed along to us.

    Families will pay for these taxes in many, many ways.

    Regarding national health care, Comrade Spratt will support this bill as a loyal subject of his party.

  • TEA Party draws more than 400 people

    Many volunteers showed up early morning on July 4 to begin getting ready for the TEA Party. We hoped it would be a success, but were a little concerned with it being a holiday.

    By noon Main Street had been blocked off and the street was full of people. We had people in town visiting relatives as far away as Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania. Of course, most of the people were local.

    It was so great. There were people of all ages gathered. They were holding signs and wearing hats decorated to protest the high taxes and out-of-control spending.

  • Bee Cautious

    Sevin dust might be a gardener’s best friend, but it is a beekeeper’s worst nightmare.

    Just ask Robert Lee Steele; he wears both a farmer’s cap and a beekeeper’s sun helmet.

    Steele recently lost a gallon of honeybees from his hives to Sevin dust.

  • Mmm ... bacon

    Legend has it that enlisted soldiers came up with a phrase after noticing how their mess hall portions of pork always contained shoulder and leg cuts, while officers got top loin, pork chops and ham.

    They called it “livin’ high off the hog.”

    Given that, you wouldn’t think bacon – meat taken from the sides, belly or back of a pig that’s been cured, smoked or both – would be so sought-after by foodies, chefs in five-star eateries and TV cooking shows.

  • Police reports - July 17, 2009

    According to Lancaster Police Department reports:

    • Arlene Colbert, 46, 817 E. Dunlap St., was charged July 9 with possession of drug paraphernalia.

    An officer stopped Colbert, who was walking on Dunlap Street, because she resembled someone who had failed to appear in court, the report said.

    The officer learned that she had an active bench warrant for a past drug charge, the report said.

    Colbert had two crack pipes in her possession, the report said.