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  • Two teens charged in robbery

    Beefed up security over the weekend may have been the reason authorities were able to make quick arrests in an armed robbery Sunday.

    The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office has charged Demarco Fonte' Blair, 19, of 1936 Devine St., and Cedrick Arkeem Creighton, 17, of 1685 Beaker Road, Heath Springs, each with two counts of armed robbery.

    Deputies say they robbed two men at gunpoint at a car wash on Great Falls Highway about 3 a.m. Sunday.

  • Early June heat wave with little rain, severe storm wipes out local corn crop

    South Carolina’s corn crop is now in season, but there’s not very much of it.

  • O'Brien grateful for opportunity to serve, thanks supporters

    nning for my City Council District 6 seat this term.

    After 12 years of service, I feel that now is a good time for me to step down. I have learned a lot during the past years about city government and I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to serve on council.

    I would like to encourage each of you in the following areas:

    n Pray for your leaders. I truly appreciate those who have prayed for me.

    n Encourage your leaders. I received a letter from a gentleman thanking me for my service and he enclosed $10 to buy my lunch. Thanks a million.

  • Referendum question to change – it's no longer a question if a new courthouse will be built

    It's no longer a matter of if the county will build a new courthouse.

    The questions now are when and how to pay for it.

    County Council is exploring a new way to fund the construction of a new courthouse after an arsonist set fire to the historic Lancaster County Courthouse last week.

    Before the fire, council had approved two of three readings to hold a bond referendum to raise $33 million to build a new courthouse. The funds would have come from an extra 1 percent sales tax put on the ballot for voters to approve in the Nov. 4 general election.

  • County may raise taxes to pay for new security

    Off-duty sheriff's deputies are providing security at the County Administration Building and Family Court Building on Catawba Street in the wake of two arsons at court buildings last week.

    The deputies don't have a choice.

    On Aug. 7, after the fire at 6th Circuit Solicitor Doug Barfield's office, and three days after the burning of the Lancaster County Courthouse, Circuit Judge Brooks Goldsmith gave an order for the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office to provide security at county buildings until further notice.

    The deputies are being paid overtime to provide security.

  • USCL launches Lancers baseball

    The University of South Carolina at Lancaster got the jump on a new era in Lancers' athletics just after midnight Monday.

    The Lancers, who are fielding a baseball team for the first time in school history, opened their practice for the fall. The official opening of fall practice was Monday.

    The Lancers, with 54 players in the fold, played two five-inning games.

    Fans were filing in by around 11:30 p.m. and the group number reached as high as 75 at one point, including a group tailgating in right center field.

  • All-stars teams made us proud

    This summer will be forever marred by memories of the cowardly burn-and-run actions of what appears to be an ax-to-grind arsonist.

    The late-summer burning of the Lancaster County Courthouse and an ensuing fire at the nearby solicitor’s office will be the major headlines when this dark period is revisited in years to come.

    On a much more positive note, the effort of some Lancaster County youngsters at nearly the same time as the fires provided us something to be proud of this summer.

  • Buck's drop lands bucks for Barnes

    Success came quicker this year in the annual Sooper Dooper Pooper at the annual Meet the Bruins on Saturday at Memorial Stadium.Buck the bull made his winning “drop” in a matter of minutes in the featured event, the cow patty bingo.The winner was Doug Barnes, who had the winning ticket for the “spot” on the east end of the field.Barnes said the Pooper win was somewhat of a bargain for him.“I had just paid $1,000 for a corporate sponsor ad with the booster club, but I really didn’t expect a trade-off like th

  • Honor brave citizens by building a museum

    Yes, the courthouse must be repaired. It would be a grave disservice to the brave citizens of Lancaster, who 143 years ago turned Sherman's hoard of criminals away from Lancaster and spared the courthouse, not to repair it. These citizens of Lancaster were not regular army, but a local militia of young boys and old men who stood their ground against a trained army. To repair the courthouse and make it the museum of Lancaster would be the supreme honor to these men.

  • Blackwood captures late model checkers

    Late model driver Andy Blackwood notched a solid win at Lancaster Motor Speedway on Saturday night to highlight an action-packed night.As soon as the late model green flag flew, Blackwood did not let anything get in his way.He took the lead and as soon as he did, his crew and family were on their feet in support of Blackwood.Blackwood knew Mike Huey was second, and every lap Huey tried to get Blackwood, but Blackwood was determined and took the checkers.Blackwood was followed by Ron Parker, Huey, Daniel Tucker and Chris Hargett.u I