Today's News

  • Goody’s closing down 282 stores

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Goody’s Family Clothing Inc., a retailer of moderately-priced family apparel with a store in Lancaster, is going out of business.

    The store has announced a going-out-of-business sale in all 282 stores across 20 states, principally in the Southeast and Midwest.

  • Let Sanford know how you feel about his proposal

    This letter is out of concern about the closing of the University of South Carolina at Lancaster campus. I want to thank Lancaster County Administrator Steve Willis for his description of Gov. Mark Sanford. When I heard about the governor’s proposal to close USCL on WSOC News, I used the same words – looney tunes and out of his mind.

    I know the economy is bad and I understand our state has to watch the budget. I do not understand why the governor wants to take away something that is so important to our county.

  • Council opposes Sanford’s plans

    County Council members plan to oppose Gov. Mark Sanford’s proposed plan to close the University of South Carolina at Lancaster.

    At a special workshop Monday night, council members discussed a variety of upcoming issues, including Sanford’s recently unveiled state spending proposal. The $5.8 billion budget calls for the closing of USCL and the USC campuses at Union and Salkehatchie over a two-year period.

    Council discussed drafting a resolution asking Sanford to keep USCL open.

  • Obama takes office

    With a crowd of millions watching, Barack Obama was sworn in Tuesday as the 44th president of the United States.

    Lancaster County Council chairman Fred Thomas was watching the inauguration unfold on his television in Lancaster, but was getting a first-hand account from his nephew in Washington, D.C.

    Adrian Mood, a senior at Howard University, was one of the millions of people standing at the National Mall. He called his uncle periodically as he watched Obama take the oath of office.

  • Let ‘your’ governor know how you feel

    On Jan. 11, I went to the www.scgovernor.com Web site to send an e-mail to Mark Sanford to express my disappointment about his misinformed views of the University of South Carolina at Lancaster.

    I wanted to inform your governor that his information was flawed and he should take another look at what impact the regional campus in Lancaster had on this area.

  • Sanford’s priorities skewed

    I am outraged at Mark Sanford’s proposal to close the University of South Carolina at Lancaster as a way to cut costs in the state budget. My family is personally affected by his proposal.

  • Board considers consolidating schools

    GREAT FALLS – Chester County School District is making plans to handle a severe state budget cut.

    Nothing has been decided, though some people believe a decision has already been made to close the schools in Great Falls and send those students to Lewisville schools.

    School trustee Jim Stroman said the board heard a presentation about consolidation as a budget option from district staff.

  • YouthBuild to help HOPE expand its building

    HOPE in Lancaster, a charitable organization known for helping Lancaster County’s needy, will soon receive some assistance of its own.

    YouthBuild, a youth program that helps low-income students learn job skills through construction projects, has agreed to build an addition to HOPE’s headquarters at 2008 Pageland Highway.

    The program recently received a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor that allocated $70,000 towards the construction of a new building or renovation of an existing building for a nonprofit agency in the area.  

  • Water tower will sport ‘Indian Land’

    INDIAN LAND – The Lancaster County Water and Sewer District Commission voted Jan. 13 to allow the name “Indian Land” to be painted on the community’s newest water tower.

    The board unanimously accepted a proposal from LCWSD Director Mark Knight to amend its policy to include the name of the community in which each water tower is located, along with the water and sewer district’s logo in its paint scheme.

  • Closing USCL would be Sanford’s biggest mistake

    I think it is a shame that Gov. Mark Sanford would even consider closing the University of South Carolina Lancaster campus.

    My daughter signed up for classes last week, and has a LIFE scholarship and a PELL grant. We make too much money for her to qualify for any other type of financial aid, yet we don’t make enough to pay tuition at a four-year state university. We make less than $50,000 per year, yet the government doesn’t take into consideration we are a family of seven and we have to pay rent, utilities, car payments, etc.