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  • An alternative investment can lower your portfolio risk

    Money Talk

    C. David Tolson III

    When discussing asset allocation, most folks often think about the mixture between stocks, bonds and cash in their portfolio.  

    While this is not necessarily wrong thinking, asset allocation is more complicated than simply picking the appropriate pie-chart or Morningstar style box.

    As a financial advisor, I spend much of my time managing the risk associated with a client’s investments. 

  • Rising star

    Eighteen-year-old Morgan “Hot Shoe” Turpen has lofty dreams.

    They include earning an education degree from the University of Memphis and becoming a teacher and high school softball coach and possibly, one day, a principal.

    But should that plan go awry, the Cordova, Tenn., native does have a back-up.

    For now, she has a 1,300-pound winged sprint car with a 360-cubic, 700-horsepower engine and a pair of racing gloves to fall back on. Later on, if she continues to grow and develop, that could mean NASCAR. 

  • No new county taxes – yet

    Christopher Sardelli
    Faced with a tide of angry residents, and with a significant chunk of revenue on the line, Lancaster County Council echoed the infamous words of President George H.W. Bush by saying “no new taxes.”
    That is, until council meets again July 11.
    Even after months of discussion, public input and a series of budget workshops, County Council spent hours Monday night debating what to do with the county’s 2011-12 budget.

  • Woman recounts fatal ATV wreck

    Jesef Williams
    Rachel Bruce hasn’t been the same since last week’s four-wheeler accident that took the life of a Lancaster County man.
    Bruce was playing a video game about 11:30 p.m. June 22 inside her Taxahaw Road home when she heard a loud noise.
    Her first thought was that somebody was trying to break in. But that proved to be far from the truth.
    Bruce heard frantic screaming outside and later saw three people laying on the ground – a man and two children.

  • Judicial Past, Future

    Jesef Williams
    The technology inside the courtroom is still so fresh that Clerk of Court Jeff Hammond referred to a user’s guide to explain some of the functions.
    A few locals asked him about the headsets that allow people in the back of the courtroom to clearly hear the proceedings taking place.
    Hammond then spoke of a brand new document reader that projects papers and other evidence on large flat screens for the jury to see.

  • AC units stolen in burglaries

    Jesef Williams
    The Lancaster Police Department is investigating four burglaries at vacant apartments on Calhoun, Rock and Hudson streets earlier this month.
    The report said the burglaries were discovered when an employee of Collins Realty, the company that owns the properties, checked a vacant apartment at 808 Calhoun St. where neighbors had reported seeing people “going in and out.”

  • Recycling will ease our landfill woes

    Some issues we report on remind us of the arcade game, Whack-a-Mole. Take landfills, for example. This year, landfill issues have been big news in Lancaster County.

  • Our county GOP is getting involved with more local events

    It’s great to let you all know what has been happening in the world of the Lancaster County Republican Party.
    I don’t believe we have stopped since we started. I know the virtual world is full of the latest and greatest information, but many of you do not have that access.
    So, if you see any of us on the street, come up to us and chat for a minute. We would be more than happy to fill you in.

  • Juniors split with Gaffney

    The Lancaster American Legion junior team split a League V doubleheader with Gaffney on Monday night.

    Lancaster, the League V champion, took the nightcap as ace hurler Jordan Brock tossed a no-hitter.

  • AA all-stars roll in opener



    The Lancaster Dixie Baseball AA all-stars had a rousing start to launch their district tournament hopes at Gandy Field in the Wylie Park Complex on Monday night.