Today's News

  • Providing alcohol for your child is a dumb idea

    I spoke with a parent last week and was surprised to hear her say, “I’m on my way to the store to pick up a few cases of beer and some snacks for my son, his date, and a few of their friends who will be coming over for an after prom party.”

    I immediately said, “Excuse me, you’re doing what?”

  • Don’t fall prey to scam artists

    Almost everyone is having to be creative to deal with the economic downturn we are experiencing locally, nationally and across the world. That includes scam artists.

    Recently we published a story about a lottery scam making the rounds throughout the county. These type of scams are pretty similar. They usually involve a letter notifying a potential victim that he or she has won a large sum of money. Sometimes the letter asks for a good faith check for a specified amount from the winner. Once that check is received, the organization says it will forward the prize money.

  • Allow the unemployed to use savings to pay off home

    I am tired of hearing everyone telling people who have lost their jobs to refinance their loans. If you don’t have a job what bank will help? You can’t make payments if you can’t work, no matter how low you try to get your payments.

  • Fibromyalgia complex disease that robs its victims

    I applaud Sandra Sims for her devotion to try and get the word out about fibromyalgia. My spouse at the early age of 46 was medically retired from the work force because of this condition.  Healthy up until this time, she was a powerhouse for the Air Force and produced more work of any three persons could normally do.  

  • Discovery students salute community leaders

    On March 23, the kindergarten and first grade classes of the Discovery School saluted some very special people. Our children sang songs and recited poems about the efficiency and dedication of Lancaster’s city and county professionals who serve us as community helpers.

  • South Carolina needs workable stimulus option

    Although we are constitutionally guaranteed free speech, it is illegal to walk into a crowded movie theater and yell the word “fire” if there is not one.

  • We don’t have mob mentality: Taxpayers are just fed up

    This letter is in response to Mr. Charles Bundy’s “mob-mentality” column on April 1. Mr. Bundy – I really don’t think you get it. Please don’t confuse mob-mentality with blue-collar taxpayer mentality. The world “mob” as you put it is me, my neighbors and just plain everyday folks across this country. You see, Mr. Bundy, the vast majority of us “mob” mentality taxpayers don’t make six or seven figure salaries – even when combined with our spouses’ salaries.

  • City discusses Taylor Street drainage problem; confirms zoning for ALDI

    City officials are discussing what can be done to fix water drainage problems on Taylor Street.

    Public works director Jerry Crockett told City Council last week that his department has spent a lot of time trying to identify the source of the water, which accumulates on the western side of the street.

    The S.C. Department of Transportation made a berm to help the water drain into a nearby creek. Though it gave the water somewhere to go, it did not stop the accumulation, City Administrator Helen Sowell said.

  • County GOP to have its convention on April 21

    The Lancaster County Republican Party will hold its 2009 convention April 21 at the Carole Ray Dowling Center at the University of South Carolina at Lancaster.  

    The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m.

    Speakers scheduled to appear will be local GOP elected officials: Sen. Mick Mulvaney (R-District 16), Rep. Deborah Long (R-District 45) and District 1 County Council Larry McCullough.  

    Karen Floyd, a candidate for the chair of the state GOP, will also be in attendance.

  • Jobless rate dips slightly in March

    Lancaster County’s jobless rate fell slightly to 18 percent in March, down 0.3 percent from February.

    The county is tied with Bamberg County with the sixth-highest unemployment rate in the state, according to the S.C. Employment Security Commission.

    Lancaster County had a labor force of 29,626 in March, and 5,342 of those people were unemployed during the month, according to statistics from the S.C. Employment Security Commission.