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  • ‘Real daughter of Confederate hero’ dies at 98

    RICHBURG – Sallie Gibson Bankhead, who was honored in 2002 as a “Real Daughter of a Confederate Hero,” died Wednesday at age 98.

    Bankhead was believed to be the last living child of a Confederate soldier in South Carolina. It also fair to say she was one of the last surviving children of a Civil War veteran in the United States, though it’s not known how many more surviving children of Civil War veterans might be alive today.

  • Local EMS one of first in S.C. to add ICE method

    Sudden cardiac arrest (no pulse and no breathing) is one of the leading causes of death in the nation.   

    More than half of the patients who suffer sudden cardiac arrest do so outside of a hospital. Nationwide the success rates of resuscitation from out of hospital cardiac arrest are in the single digits.

    This has led Lancaster County Emergency Medical Services to add the treatment procedure called “induced cooling by EMS,” or ICE, which involves reducing the body temperature of patients who are resuscitated from non-traumatic cardiac arrest.

  • Ophthalmologists offer eye exams for as low as $1 to those without insurance

    Those without insurance will be able to get an eye exam at a low price and contribute to a good cause at the same time.

    The Eye & Laser Center in Lancaster has started its Sight Saver Eye Exams campaign, through which people who are uninsured can receive a complete dilated eye exam for as low as $1.

    The initiative started Monday and will run as long as the center believes residents need the help, said Dr. Malcolm Edwards, an ophthalmologist at the center.

    Edwards and the other three ophthalmologists will each see three patients per week on the plan.

  • Furloughs at The Lancaster News

    Landmark Media Enterprises LLC, publisher of The Lancaster News, Carolina Gateway, The (Chester) News & Reporter and The Pageland Progressive Journal, announced Monday company-wide furloughs.

    Employees will be required to take a five-day unpaid furlough as a way to curb expenses in a national recession that has hit newspapers and their advertisers particularly hard.

  • Not time for extravagant building

    I am appalled to know that with this dire economy in a town whose citizens are struggling to keep their families afloat our town leaders are planning to spend $33 million on a new courthouse.

    The people of Lancaster are reeling under the onslaught of lost jobs resulting in the repossession of their homes and cars, loss of medical insurance, rising food, fuel, and utility cost, not to even mention education for our children.

  • Relay for Life earns deserved recognition

    From the big house to the state house. From the county seat to the city seat. From the sheriff’s office to highway patrol. New faces in new places.

    At the head of our nation’s helm is the first black president. Locally, we have the first woman from Lancaster County serving in the S.C. House of Representatives. We have a new state senator.

    We have a new sheriff and new person in charge of highway patrol.

  • Writer concerned about elderly neighbor

    I was startled by a knock on the door about 10 p.m. Jan. 3. A stranger at the door said my neighbor had sent him over.

    In the distance I could hear my neighbor calling out to me. I grabbed my phone and followed the stranger off my porch. As we crossed the street, he told me that he was passing by and my neighbor flagged him down.

    The night was very cold. I found my 94-year-old neighbor on her front porch. I asked what was she doing there and why she didn’t call me on the phone? She said her power and telephone went out.

  • Family grateful for pet rescue

    I would like to thank the Pettits, who rescued our dog from a creek. He had been missing for a couple of days and I decided to text a coworker who lives a few miles away to see if he was in her neighborhood. She immediately texted me back with information on his location.

    It turns out this nice man heard our dog, a 100-pound lab, wimpering from the creek. He went to check it out and our dog had been struggling for quite some time to get out.

  • USCL lifeline to county

    During Gov. Mark Sanford’s recent State of the State address, he cited the sterling example of Landsford Canal State Park superintendent Al James in neighboring Chester County.

    James drew Sanford’s praise for saving the life of kayakers on the Catawba River last summer. He  noted James “put himself in harm’s way” to perform his duty.

    If Sanford was impressed by James’ example, then he will soon learn, if he hasn’t already, that people from this area are known for an all-out effort to save something precious.

  • Spiritual Spoofs

    The ApologetiX (That Christian Parody Band) don’t apologize for rewriting secular songs with Christian lyrics to create a Christian message.

    Musicians J. Jackson, Keith Haynie, Jimmy Tanner and Bill Hubauer have been described as a cross between “Weird Al Yankovic and Billy Graham.”

    With their mixture of comedy, parody and contemporary Christian music, Jackson said who they sound like isn’t the focus.

    “It’s reaching the lost and teaching the least,” Jackson said.