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  • Sheriff wants to revive Adopt-a-Highway

    Kayla Vaughn
    The Lancaster News

    The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office is asking volunteers from across the community to help revive the Adopt-a-Highway Program.
    Participation in the program, in which community groups take responsibility for cleaning up roadsides in specific areas, has fallen off in recent years, said sheriff’s Sgt. Bill Murphy.

  • Community Foundation grants help other nonprofits

    Kayla Vaughn
    The Lancaster News

    The Lancaster County Community Foundation awarded $4,500 in grants to nonprofits in Lancaster in the past year.
    The recipients were:
    ◆ HOPE in Lancaster, which received $1,500 for its “Fresh and Healthy Food Initiative.”
    ◆ Grace Place in Lancaster, which got $1,000 for building renovations to double the number of children it serves.

  • Cold snap puts tender plants at risk this weekend

    Temperatures dipping below freezing and scattered frost have put the state’s peach crop and early blooming spring flowers at risk this weekend.
    Nighttime lows are projected to dip to 26 degrees Saturday night and about 30 degrees Sunday night. Recent warm days have a few plants ahead of schedule presenting the possibility of frostbite for their tender leaves and blooms.

  • State issues fire alert to discourage burning

    The S.C. Forestry Commission issued a Red Flag Fire Alert for the entire state Friday to discourage all outdoor burning.
    Darryl Jones, commission fire chief, said weather forecasts through Sunday include stronger-than-normal wind gusts and low relative humidity. When combined with dry conditions, those factors increase the likelihood that outdoor fires can rapidly spread out of control.

  • Rescuers help ailing man down from roof

    INDIAN LAND – Pleasant Valley firefighters used their training and a ladder truck Thursday afternoon to get an ailing man off the roof of an under-construction building behind his home.
    “He wasn’t hurt. He just couldn’t get back down the ladder,” said Lancaster County Fire Marshal Stephen Blackwelder. “He had previously undergone back surgery and lost the feeling in his back and legs while he was up there.”

  • Man charged in peeping Tom case

    A convicted peeping Tom and registered sex offender was arrested with a loaded weapon after reports that he was seen looking into women’s windows in a neighborhood near the Lancaster County Golf Club.
    Dennis Kendell Curry, 31, of 144 Pine Drive, Lancaster, was arrested Feb. 22 on one count each of peeping voyeurism, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, unlawful carrying of a weapon, petty larceny and misdemeanor marijuana possession.

  • Sumter Democrat says he’ll compete for District 5 seat

    The first Democratic candidate for the 5th District congressional seat will announce his candidacy Tuesday, facing off against seven Republicans competing to replace Mick Mulvaney.
    Archie Parnell, 66, a Sumter business executive, said he plans to launch his bid at a 3 p.m. news conference in York.
    “Now is the time for me to try to help,” Parnell said Friday, noting he was “quite surprised” when Donald Trump won the presidency.
    Parnell said he plans to focus on three things – constituent service, taxes and healthcare.

  • Sexting sting nets suspect after 5-month investigation

    A 36-year-old Lancaster man has been charged with soliciting sex from a minor and sending sexual materials to a minor after the Lancaster Police Department set up an undercover texting sting, with an officer posing as an underage girl.
    The department’s Special Operations Division arrested 36-year-old Jqual Tavarus Wade of 202 New Miller St. about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Crenco parking lot on South Main Street.
    He was charged with criminal solicitation of a minor and disseminating harmful materials to minors.

  • Lancaster business owner shot dead outside his home

    A respected Lancaster County business owner was shot to death outside his home on Craig Manor Road about 11:30 Thursday night, according to the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.
    Harnish J. Patel, 43, who lived across the street from the White Oak Manor nursing home, was returning home after closing his convenience store, the Speedee Mart at 1416 Pageland Highway.
    Investigators believe he drove from the store directly home, where he was confronted by his killer when he got out of the vehicle.

  • Column: Not a huge deal, but does state need to meddle with an eclipse?

    Last week the legislature passed a joint resolution that allows school districts to start the next school year on Thursday, Aug. 17. Without this resolution, schools could not start before the third Monday of that month, Aug. 21 – the day of a solar eclipse.