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  • City grant will design downtown event space

    Competing against 52 other cities, Lancaster has received a $25,000 Hometown Economic Development Grant from the S.C. Municipal Association, scoring highest among all the applicants.
    The grant was awarded to 10 cities this year, up from eight last year. Lancaster ranked No. 1 on its eligibility rating among the winning cities.
    “I think it speaks well for the city and what we’re trying to do with our central business district,” Mayor John Howard said.

  • Grisly murder scene, husband arrested

    A 58-year-old woman’s body was found by her daughters Sunday morning at her Lancaster home, apparently beaten to death with a hammer, and her husband has been charged with murder.
    Mildred Burris Arnold was found in a bedroom at 213 S. York St., the Lancaster Police Department said in a statement.
    Her youngest daughter, Stephanie Arnold, said the scene was like a horror movie, with the body wrapped in two blankets and a rug, and blood from the ceiling to the floor.
    Matthew James Alman, 49, of the same address, was charged with murder on Monday.

  • Man charged in wife’s killing

    A 58-year-old woman's body was found by her daughter Sunday morning at a South York Street home, bludgeoned to death with a hammer, and her husband has been charged with murder.
    Mildred Burris Arnold has been identified as the victim, according to the Lancaster County Coroner’s Office.
    Matthew James Alman, 49, 213 S. York St., was charged with murder on Monday.
    “There’s still a lot we don’t know because he’s not talking to us,” said Lancaster Police Chief Scott Grant.

  • Editor's Column: 2 bizarre weeks in a bewildering political career

    On Monday, Oct. 16, Linda Blackmon called this newspaper and asked to speak to Publisher Susan Rowell, my boss. It was the morning after my column about the new Lancaster City Council member taking a vote that clearly violated state ethics law.
    Susan wasn’t in, so Blackmon asked to speak to me. When I answered, she identified herself cordially and said she wanted to come by the newspaper later that day to talk to me and reporter Mark Manicone, who had been writing news articles about her.
    Fine, I said. When would you like to come?

  • Teacher soaks in Japanese culture

    Ashley Lowrimore
    For The Lancaster News

    Indian Land High School teacher Matthew Hodge is no stranger to the Land of the Rising Sun.
    As a Japanese teacher and a former four-year resident of Osaka and Kyoto, Hodge is fluent in the language and familiar with the culture.
    Last year, he visited Japan with his wife and three daughters. This summer, Hodge had the opportunity to visit the country again with his 13-year-old daughter, Aestas.

  • Victim fires shot at would-be robber

    The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office is searching for a man who got inside a Nope Lane home Friday morning, but left after a female resident fired a gunshot at him.
    Warrants have been issued charging 35-year-old Antonio Demond Mackey of Lancaster with first-degree burglary, kidnapping and first-degree assault, according to a sheriff’s office release.
    Deputies responded to a home in the 200 block of Nope Lane just after 8 a.m. Friday.

  • Harris responds on paying Blackmon’s legal expenses

    Ex-Lancaster City Council member Jackie Harris has filed a rebuttal to council member Linda Blackmon’s motion asking that Harris be forced to pay Blackmon’s legal fees resulting from the challenge to the 2016 election results.
    Harris’ attorney, Elizabeth Hyatt, disputed Blackmon’s claim in an Oct. 13 motion that the election protest was “frivolous” and filed solely to keep her from taking office.

  • GOP holds law-enforcement forum

    “Props to Cops,” “You save lives” and “Salute the Blue” are just some of the slogans painted on the signs that line Hubbard Street at USC Lancaster’s campus.
    Those signs were made by children from law enforcement families for Police Appreciation Day, but now they mark the location of the first Lancaster Police Forum, hosted Thursday night by the Lancaster County Republican Party.

  • Richard Plyler led with ‘a soft, velvet touch’

    Richard Plyler never sought the community spotlight, but quietly worked backstage as a banker and civic leader to make his hometown a better place.
    “That was his way,” said Bruce Brumfield of his close friend, who died early Friday at 73. “Richard did tons behind the scenes to make a difference in the lives of others, and those he helped never had a clue it was him.”
    “And he did it for one reason,” Brumfield said. “Richard did it simply because it was the right thing to do.”

  • Damaged Woodland Drive bridge won’t be replaced until March ’18

    The barricaded section of cross-town artery Woodland Drive near Lancaster High School won’t be reopening anytime soon.
    The road was shut down in July after one of the support pilings under the structure shattered, probably because of an overweight vehicle. Repairs were impossible, and the bridge must be replaced.