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  • Turning the page – One SC

    As these words are being written, the ceremony of lowering the Confederate flag at the capital is happening – literally.

    In the end, it simply came down.

    There were no speeches by politicians. There were not bands playing. There were no elaborate ceremonies. It all ended with seven state troopers – white and black, male and female – silently walking across the capital lawn, lowering the flag, rolling it up and giving it to a nameless state employee to be taken to a museum.

    That was it.

  • Undercover drug buys result in Kershaw cocaine bust

    Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force on June 30 for trafficking cocaine.

  • County council moving forward with LCEDC audit

    The audit process is moving forward. 

  • Children’s council gets grant for teen pregnancy prevention

    The Children’s Council will receive $2.4 million for its teen pregnancy prevention program over the next five years, said its executive director Heather Mueller.

  • Family seeks help to solve burglary, attempted murder of ‘Pee Wee’ Mills

     When Nathedious “Pee Wee” Mills of Heath Springs got out of bed early one morning in March, he never could have imagined that within the hour he'd be writhing in pain, his life, as he knew it, crushed as violently as his skull.

    Now, nearly four months after he was attacked in his home during a robbery, Mills has begun his journey back from the valley of the shadow of death, and his family, friends and community are coming together to help see him through.

  • Bystander shot in robbery attempt


  • Providence fulfilled in past, future

    The book of Ruth demonstrates the providence of God. It occurred during the days of the judges, when “every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” When there was a famine in Israel, Elimelech and Naomi left their home in Bethlehem to sojourn in the land of Moab.

    Tragedy followed. Elimelech died, leaving Naomi and her two sons, Mahlon and Chilion. They married Moabite women, but then both died after about 10 years in Moab. When Naomi heard that the famine had ended in Israel, she decided to return home.

  • Slick Willie returns

    I told you Slick Willie was making a return trip to the farm with his aunt and was bringing his cousin Wilber Clinton that he called The Arkansas Kid.

    Middle sister, smarter than the rest of us, told me the only reason these boys were coming back to the farm was to whip my scrawny little behind. She further explained that Willie was a first class drut, and I had better be prepared.

    I told middle sister that I had two pockets full of assorted ammo and I would be packing my sling shot.

  • P-31 on to second round playoffs

    Eric Rowell

    For The Lancaster News

    Walhalla Post 124’s decision to forfeit the fifth game in the best of 5 American Legion Playoffs is sending Lancaster Post 31 to the second round of state playoffs.

    Walhalla forfeited playing the fifth game that was scheduled to be played Friday, July 10, at the Harvey Eggleton Field in Lancaster because the Post 124 team is dismantling.

  • Junior golfers to launch second half

    Staff Reports

    The Lancaster chapter of the S.C. Junior Golf Association tees off the second half of its 2015 season Monday, July 13, at the Kershaw Golf Club.

    The 2015 LJGA points races for each age group reflect tight play.

    In the boys 10-12 age division, Mason Tucker leads the points through three tournaments with 80 points, with Trey Crenshaw third at 70. Simon Wright is third, 56 points.

    In the boys 7-9 age group, Landry Williams leads the points for the season with 70 and David Oliver has 60. Brady Snipes has 58 points in third place.