Today's News

  • Suspicious fire destroys Heath Springs home

    Sheriff’s investigators and the SLED Arson Unit are  investigating a fire that destroyed a Heath Springs home early Friday morning.

    “Let’s call it suspicious, given what our firefighters found when they got there,” said Lancaster County Fire Marshal Stephen Blackwelder.

  • Founders donates SUV to local SPCA chapter

    Lancaster’s SPCA routinely receives donations of cash and checks, but on Wednesday, the animal-advocate group drove away in a spacious SUV – a gift from Founders Federal Credit Union.  

    “Our SPCA animals will be riding in style,” SPCA President Diana Knight said.  “Thanks to Founders.” 

  • Person lays out plans to help middle class

    Fran Person, the Democratic candidate for the 5th Congressional District, made an appeal to Indian Land voters of all political persuasions Thursday, saying his priority is improving the lives of middle-class Americans.

    Person was the only District 5 candidate at the Carolina Gateway/Indian Land Action Council-sponsored candidates’ forum. Mick Mulvaney, a three-term GOP incumbent, and American Party candidate Rudy Barnes Jr. chose not to attend.

  • Go directly to jail at 137 mph

    A Fort Mill man in a muscular Mustang traversed 16 miles between Lancaster and Kershaw in seven minutes Sunday morning before being arrested.
    Do the math. That’s averaging 137 mph.
    Robert William Sherengo, 61, was charged with driving 100 mph in a 55-mph zone by the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office. The Lancaster Police Department charged him with failure to stop for blue lights and reckless driving.

  • Kershaw: Ill-received edict moves Halloween 5 days early

    KERSHAW – After issuing a town edict that trick-or-treating would officially be moved to five days before Halloween, chastised town officials have spun around and marched back to the traditional Oct. 31 celebration.
    The town’s Tuesday declaration said tricks and treats could be solicited only from 5 to 8 p.m. on Oct. 26. That way the entire community’s trick-or-treating would coincide with the popular trunk-or-treating event in the First Baptist Church parking lot.

  • Ballot includes Sunday alcohol sales question

    In addition to the candidates on this year’s ballot, Lancaster County residents will be asked to decide whether or not local stores should be allowed to sell beer and wine on Sundays.
    And as voters learned during the 2012 ballot measure that allowed Sunday alcohol sales at local restaurants, the ballot question itself is anything but clear – something absentee voters are already learning.
    Here’s the question as it appears on Lancaster County ballots:

  • Sen. Scott faces 3 challengers

    Thirty-four seats in the U.S. Senate are up for grabs Nov. 8, and Republicans, including South Carolina’s Tim Scott, hold 24 of them.
    While many political observers say Scott is safe, he faces three challengers Nov. 8.
    They include Democrat Thomas Dixon, Dr. Bill Bledsoe of the Constitution and Libertarian parties, and Michael Scarborough of the American Party.
    Winthrop University political scientist Scott Huffmon believes the popular incumbent will win another term.

  • Civil servants on the diamond defending Lancaster’s honor

    Police, firefighters, city employees and officials head to the softball diamond at Buckelew Park on Saturday for seven innings of friendly competition against their counterparts from the city of York.
    Billed as a modern-day, just-for-fun War of the Roses, the softball game was put together in hopes of creating an annual event swapped between the two municipalities. Next year’s game will be played in York.
    There will be a non-traditional softball game, loads of family fun between innings and concessions by the Lancaster High School Civinettes.

  • Chaotic scene at last week’s double shooting

    Reece Murphy
    A shooting that wounded two Lancaster men Oct. 10 ranged over a three-block area near Caroline Courts apartments and appears to have involved several people, according to the sheriff’s office incident report.
    A sheriff’s office spokesman said Thursday that the investigation continues without a firm suspect.
    Injured in the Oct. 10 shooting was Corey Perry, 21, of Norfolk Road and Ja’mes Marcell Blair, 23, of Rope Lane. Both men are expected to recover from their injuries.

  • ‘We are killing ourselves’

    More than 200 people held candles aloft Sunday night and cried out for justice in the killing of Yusuf Ali Abdus-Salaam, with his family begging witnesses to tell police what they saw.
    “We keep hollering about black lives matter, but when will they matter to us?” Abdus-Salaam’s mother, Jenny Thompson Bridges, angrily told the crowd. “Who would’ve thought that with 15 witnesses, somebody wouldn’t know who took his life?...