Today's News

  • County to get $50 M in investments

     Christopher Sardelli


    A trio of local company investments, including $21 million from health supplement company Nutramax Laboratories, were announced during Lancaster County Council’s final meeting of the year on
    Dec. 8.  

  • Keeping the memory alive

     Denyse Clark


    small intimate group of local residents attended the Lancaster Alternative Policing Strategy (LAPS) annual candlelight vigil Thursday, Dec. 18 at Lancaster City Hall to simply remember.

    Lancaster Police Chief Harlean Carter said the purpose of the event was to honor those who lost their lives to “senseless violence.”

  • LCEDC finds a new home

     Christopher Sardelli


    The long journey to find a suitable home for both the Lancaster County Economic Development Corp. and the county’s Veterans Affairs office is finally over. 

  • Sidewalk issue separates Bridgehampton neighbors

     Reece Murphy


    A community sidewalk used to connect two sections of an Indian Land subdivision has become a source of friction between neighbors over one couple’s efforts to prevent children and their families from using it to walk to school.  

  • Christmas Basket Fund up to $8,000 in sixth week

     Denyse Clark


    In the sixth week of donations to the Ward Faulkenberry Sr. Memorial Christmas Basket Fund, more than $8,000 has been collected.

    The annual basket fund is spearheaded by HOPE (Helping Other People Effectively) in Lancaster, a non profit, faith-based organization, that provides short-term emergency assistance to families in crisis. 

  • Holiday obituary deadlines

    The obituary deadines for the Dec. 24, 26, 31 and Jan. 2 editions of The Lancaster News are as follows:



    1 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 23



    10 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 24



  • A novel idea for budget decisions

    At a recent meeting of the Anderson County legislative delegation, freshman House member Jonathon Hill introduced two resolutions calling on the legislature to – uh – follow the law.

    The first resolution concerned the state’s local government fund. By law, state budget-writers are to allocate 4.5 percent of the previous year’s revenue to local governments as payment for those governments carrying out state services. For six years, however, state lawmakers have reduced the amount by means of one-year provisos.

  • Lawmaker resigns after Nerve’s investigation

    If S.C. Rep. Kris Crawford needs guidance these days from the Bible, he might want to ponder the proverb, “Physician, heal thyself.”

    In 2012, the emergency room doctor and then-state House member was convicted on four misdemeanor counts of willfully failing to file state income-tax returns. He received no jail time and was ordered to pay $21,380 in fines and costs.

  • Legislative response to court’s decision

    S.C. Supreme Court has determined the state must provide students in eight impoverished schools districts with an opportunity to receive a “minimally adequate education.” A close look at the court’s controversial decision offers a guide to how legislators ought to respond.

  • S.C. Republicans have an attitude

    When I was a school boy, there was a kid down the street named Rodney who had an “attitude problem,” or at least that’s what the adults called it. To me and my friends, Rodney was just a jerk.

    He had a big chip on his shoulder and was always complaining that others were taking advantage of him or whining about things not being fair to him. Rodney didn’t have any friends, and our parents pretty much forced us to include Rodney in our activities.