Today's News

  • Mother, daughter praise Hospice Care of SC

    My name is Deborah Sims and I have been through an experience that I think would benefit a lot of people.

    My daughter and I have been on our own for four and one-half years now. It hasn’t been a smooth journey for us. We have had to move several times. We lost our car for about six months. In the last two years, 12 people in our family died.

  • We need real leaders who care for others

    I am writing in response to our failing economy. I have called U.S. Sens. Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint, the governor’s office, S.C. Sen. Vincent Sheheen, U.S. Rep. John Spratt and U.S. Sen. Harry Reid in response to the bull in the Senate concerning unemployment extensions.

    The only response I could get out of them is that there is a bill hung up in the House that allows senators so much to spend.

  • We await anxiously for jobs

    In our Oct. 7 edition, we told you about Red Ventures, the online marketing company, moving to Lancaster with the possibility of bringing 1,000 jobs.

    The Red Ventures announcement is positive news for our county and we wanted to focus on that positive aspect. However, we also know that it is important to show that our county and state have learned from previous recruiting mistakes.

  • We cannot afford to lose John Spratt

    A recent front page headline in our paper was: “Mulvaney to run for Congress?”

    That the statement ended in a question mark was very interesting.

  • Oh the agony of the 2016 Olympic defeat

    It should be no surprise that the world soundly rejected Obama’s bid for the 2016 Olympics on the first ballot with America getting only 18 of the 94 votes. After all, in the last two years, the president has repeatedly criticized and apologized for America – not just in the United States, but around the world in countries like Germany, France, Egypt and Turkey.

  • We shouldn't distort history for political points

    I read with interest Rudy Schmidt’s Sept. 16 letter. However, the historical facts are as follows:

    In March of 1867, military rule by virtue of an act of Congress, both houses being Republican, replaced the civil administration in the South. The South was divided into five military districts under general officers taking orders from Gen. Ulysses Grant.

    It may be argued that since the theme was one of punishment of the rebels and technically under marshal law, the white South was preparing to recover supremacy by the only means left: tomfoolery and terror.

  • Family grateful for community garden

    My family gardened at the Lancaster County Community Garden on Springdale Road this summer. We grew and ate tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow squash, okra and beans. We grew enough to donate to Christian Services and Family Promise.

    As a family our gardening experience was somewhat limited. My mother had gardened successfully 30 years ago and my husband and my children had grown a limited amount of vegetables on our property. We needed space and sunlight and others to glean gardening knowledge from. The Community Garden provided those needs.

  • Civics still alive in schools

    From time to time, anyone who follows politics will decry the lack of understanding that “kids today” have about their own government. “Civics,” they will invariably lament, “just isn’t taught anymore.” I admit that I have fallen prey to that cynicism myself from time to time.

    But while old-fashioned civic classes may be a thing of the past, it is nice to get a pleasant reality check from time to time. I got one – actually two – of those last month.

  • Autumn sounds uppity to me

    You know, some things never change.

    There are always some folks sitting around thinking of stuff to confuse the rest of us.

    This time of the year some of us call the season fall, ’cause leaves are beginning to fall from the trees.

    Others refer to the changing season as autumn which sounds more uppity to me.

    Regardless of what you call the season, I know it’s on its way. The persimmons falling are sweet and I am trying my level best to keep the possums away.

  • Benefit set for child fighting cancer

    HEATH SPRINGS – Motorcyclists are coming together this weekend to raise money for a 2-year-old with cancer.

    Cotton Pate has organized the Cruisin’ for Chase ride on Saturday to benefit Chase Gordon. The ride is sponsored by Pleasant Hill Baptist Church and Carolinas Biker Ministries.

    Registration for the ride begins at 9 a.m. at the church, with the first bikes out at 10 a.m. The cost is $15 for a single rider, and $25 for two-up bikes. The cost includes the Cruisin’ for Chase T-shirt.