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  • City responds to paper's FOI request

    The city of Lancaster has complied with The Lancaster News’ Freedom of Information Act request for complaints filed against a Lancaster Police Department officer.

    Pat Parsons, 50, was fired as a police officer on March 2 after Angela Thompson and her son, La’Darius Truesdale, 18, filed complaints with the police department that Parsons harassed Truesdale at Twin’s Grocery on Jan. 31 about a stolen scooter case he was investigating, called Truesdale names and made threats to Truesdale and his family.

  • Census questionnaires to arrive at households next week

    Fill it out, mail it back. It’s easy, safe and important to the state.  

    The 2010 Census questionnaire will arrive at households throughout South Carolina from March 15 through 17.  

    U.S. Census Bureau officials ask you to watch for the 10-question form, fill it out and mail it back immediately in the provided, postage-paid envelope. This is the easiest way to participate in the census that takes place every decade, as required by the U.S. Constitution.  

  • North Elementary to host Spring Fling

    The Spring Fling festival at North Elementary School will have a cowboy theme of sorts.

    The 12th annual fundraiser is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at the school grounds. The public is invited to attend.

    This year’s festival will feature lassoing, a mechanical bull and wagon rides. Cowboy hats and bandannas will be on sale as well, said Amanda Steele, chairwoman for the Spring Fling committee.

  • DeMint challenger visits IL

    INDIAN LAND – Speaking to a small crowd at a Sun City Carolina Lakes home on Thursday morning, Vic Rawl hoped to build the foundations of his campaign for U.S. Senate.

    Rawl, 64, announced this week his intention to run as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Republican Jim DeMint.

    Rawl is a former state House representative and circuit court judge and current member of the Charleston County Council.

    Rawl met with residents at a coffee reception at the home of Bob John, president of the Sun City Democratic Club.

  • Don't go watering with two friends

    Old sayings often end up being right on the mark.

    One of them which I know to be true is, “Two’s company and three’s a crowd.”

    When two friends get together, they can sort out whether to attempt some undertaking or decide on a different approach.

    Three people get into a bind because, two agree and the third one just follows along until a falling out occurs.

    When I reached the age of a responsible teenager, one of my jobs was seeing to a herd of Black Angus cattle on our farm just below Bell Town.

  • Bowater lays off 30 workers

    AbitibiBowater has laid off 30 employees at its Catawba plant.

    The announcement came Wednesday and the reduction was effective immediately, said Barry Baker, human resources manager for the mill, located just across the Lancaster County line off S.C. 5.

    Baker said the move is part of the company’s reorganization effort to operate more efficiently and at lower costs. The company has been in Chapter 11 bankruptcy since April 2009, he said.

  • Local woman wins $100,000 in state lottery

    A Lancaster resident is the latest player to score a $100,000 win on a Bags of Cash instant ticket.

    The player bought her ticket at Food Lion on North Main Street in Lancaster.

    She wants to remain anonymous, but lives in Lancaster, according to S.C. Education Lottery officials.

    The store earned a $1,000 sales incentive. Every retailer that sells a claimed ticket of $10,000 or more earns a 1 percent commission. The sales incentive is capped at $50,000.

    Bags of Cash is a $10 ticket with more than $1 million in prizes remaining in the game.

  • Sweet talkers of soul

    In 1976, The Manhattans recorded a track that included a memorable opening rap by Winfred “Blue” Lovett, followed by the impassioned vocals of lead singer Gerald Alston.

    From the start, Lovett said this song was different. 

    Since 1965, he had composed his share of songs for the polished vocal group with some of them taking weeks to arrange. But nothing ever happened.  

    Some of those songs, Lovett said, he heard in his sleep, but he was too tired to make it to his piano.

  • Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Chances are high that you’re wearing something green right now.

    It might be a shirt, blouse, scarf, hat or even a temporary tattoo.

    If you are, happy St. Patrick’s Day.

    If you aren’t wearing green, get ready to be pinched and happy St. Patrick’s Day.

    First observed in Boston 273 years ago (1737), St. Patrick’s Day continues to be one of America’s favorite holidays.

    The holiday, which is named after the patron saint of Ireland came to this country via its Irish immigrants.

  • American original

    WAXHAW – When Arthur Lightbody gets to work March 20, he knows those walking past his office door may do a double-take once they get a brief glance at his unusual attire.

    Some, he said, are already questioning why he’s been talking to himself out loud in the break room.

    But if you see Lightbody’s one-man show at Andrew Jackson State Park  at noon that day, everything will make perfect sense.

    The media relations officer and vice president of communications for JAARS is a president, too.