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  • Where is the state line?

    Carolinians have disputed the border between North and South Carolina since Lancaster County was established in 1735. But within the next year, that question may be resolved.

    Alan-Jon Zupan, who works with the S.C. Geodetic Survey, said his team has been working with the N.C. Geodetic Survey for the last several months to reestablish exactly where the border line is. Zupan said the surveying of the area cannot begin until his team determines exactly where the state line is.

  • LHS grad now patrol’s top cop

    COLUMBIA – A Lancaster High School graduate is now the top cop with the S.C. Highway Patrol.

    F.K. “Kenny” Lancaster Jr. has been named colonel of the Highway Patrol, the S.C. Department of Public Safety announced last week.

    Lancaster, 41, a second-generation state trooper, is a 20-year veteran of the S.C. Highway Patrol. His most recent assignment was major in charge of field operations for the lower state.

  • Fifty cents and a cake payday was a big deal

    The house next door looked a little different after it was renovated into apartments.

    I spent a good part of the day watching the new tenants move in.

    The man was young and he spoke to me, which got us off to a good start.

    When darkness fell, they drove away and it was several days before they made it back.

    I was outside playing when a Merita bread truck pulled up in the driveway next door.

    That truck sure is something, I thought. You didn’t get to see very many genuine bread trucks up close in our Chesterfield Avenue neighborhood.

  • Don’t let Gov. Sanford amputate USCL campus

    I read with great interest the article on Gov. Sanford’s proposal to close the University of South Carolina at Lancaster.

    The question just begs to be asked: Does Gov. Sanford live in South Carolina? Is he interested in each of the counties that make up the state of South Carolina? It sounds by his comments that he needs a little educating himself.

  • Uncharted waters

    LIBERTY HILL – On one hand are the Seven Deadly Sins – pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed and sloth.

    On the other hand, is the tale of a fateful trip that started from a tropic port aboard a tiny ship.

    The two subjects don’t seem to have very much in common, but a group of local youth pastors have found a connection between “Gilligan's Island” and the capital vices.

  • Sheriff seeks several grants

    The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office has applied for several grants to help continue various operations in the county.

    Sheriff Barry Faile recently submitted his recommendations for grants his office needs to County Council.

    The first priority, he said, is to renew a gang investigator grant that addresses gang enforcement and education. With at least 12 gangs identified in the county, the grant will allow the office to have a full-time employee compiling data on gang members.

  • President Obama inspires fifth-grader

    I am writing to you about the history that happened Tuesday that changed the world. I am part of a majority Democrat family.

    These last two years of history I have been living through are unbelievable. First, we had an African-American candidate to run. Then we had an African-American to make it as one of the top two candidates. Then, if all that wasn’t enough, President Barack Obama won the presidential election.

  • Education important to our children

    I am so mad at Gov. Mark Sanford for thinking of closing the University of South Carolina at Lancaster campus. It really makes me mad. Add to that the county is building a new courthouse. There are existing buildings that could suffice for that use. Our children and grandchildren need the campus to expand their education. Higher education is so important to our community and our children. Our children are our future and Gov. Sanford wants to take this campus from them. What is this telling our children?

    I agree with Steve Willis. Gov. Sanford is certified squirrel bait.

  • Tanker driver feared for safety of his rescuers

    A tanker driver involved in a fiery crash Tuesday told his rescuers to leave him inside his truck because he thought it was going to blow up.

    Brent Lowery of Lancaster helped pull Stanley W. Perry, 53, of Charlotte, from an overturned tanker at U.S. 521 and Twilight Road. Perry was transporting 8,000 gallons of gasoline.

    Lowery said he was headed south on U.S. 521 and got on the entrance ramp at S.C. 903 when he saw a commotion farther down U.S. 521.

  • Former governor has prized viewing spot of inauguration ceremony

    Lancaster native and former Gov. Jim Hodges will be closer than most people during Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony Tuesday on Capital Hill.

    Hodges, who served as a national co-chair for Obama’s presidential campaign, was able to secure tickets to witness the swearing in of the 44th president and the nation’s first black president.

    Hodges and his family flew out from Columbia on Saturday morning and will return from Washington, D.C., on Wednesday.