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  • Pat Parsons deserves our support

    When the City Council voted unanimously on March 30 not to give Pat Parsons his job back they dumped a can of ugly worms that will multiply and spread into every area of Lancaster.

    The lack of support and consideration given this officer during a most stressful time in his life by Police Chief Hugh White and City Council may lead other officers and city employees to fear they have no job security.

  • We need leaders who support our Constitution

    People who believe that government-run health care is a right truly embrace a fundamental principle of Marxism.

    The Marxist system is described by Marx and Engels in their Communist Manifesto, where they describe a perfect society in which everyone shares equally in work, good health and wealth, all coordinated by a hierarchy of representatives chosen from the workers.

    If something is a natural right then mere men do not need to control it. The Democratic Party believes its leaders to be that very hierarchy needed to control society.

  • Take time to enjoy Easter

    Easter, one of the holiest days on the Christian calendar, is today.

    The religious holiday, according to the Bible, commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The day follows such notable days as Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, the day of Christ’s crucifixion and two days before he rose again on what is now celebrated as Easter.

    Throughout our county, state and nation, events leading up to Easter, or, as some say, Easter Sunday, are a part of Holy Week.

    Easter, unlike Christmas, doesn’t always fall on the same day.

  • Condition of road in Taxahaw area dangerous

    Several weeks ago another reader wrote a letter about road repairs.

    Being retired from the road construction business after 50 years, I am also concerned with the conditions of many roads in Lancaster County.

    Some of these roads are downright dangerous and contribute to many accidents that could be prevented. Taxahaw Road from S.C. 522/Rocky River Road south to U.S. 601 is marred with potholes and repair over repair.

  • City did not pay attention to grievance committee

    I really thought I had seen as much stupidity as Lancaster had to offer until last night when the people that we elected to City Council voted to not give Pat Parsons his job back. Did you even pay any attention to the grievance committee’s recommendation? If you’re not going to listen to anything they say, why have them?

  • Writer grateful for clearing up Edenmoor ownership

    We applaud The Lancaster News and Christopher Sardelli for the article written March 17, “Edenmoor: Fact Vs. Fiction.”

  • Promwear efforts deserve recognition

    Prom season is already here, bringing its own special set of pressures to Lancaster County teens.

    Maybe you remember some of them: Who will ask me? Will I have a date? What will I wear? Where will we eat? Where will we go after the prom? And the real kicker: How will I afford all of this?

    That’s a big question for a lot of local folks this year who are facing increasingly tight budgets in the midst of the Great Recession.

  • Community garden will yield plenty of goodwill

    Plans for the second season of the Lancaster County Community Garden are taking root.

    The garden is a collaborative effort between the Lancaster County Parks and Recreation Department and the United Way.

    A year ago, the garden began with a grant from Duke Energy, with a majority of funding by volunteer effort and community donations.

    The Community Garden, which became a popular place last year, is adjacent to the Lancaster County Park and Recreation’s Melvin Steele Soccer Complex on South Woodland Drive.

  • Classmates dispute's Marsh's claim of racism

    We are writing in response to the article, “Marsh reflects on success, upbringing in Lancaster,” by Jesef Williams in the March 7 edition of The Lancaster News.

    We checked with The Lancaster News and were told that the article was brought to them by Eugene’s brother. The Lancaster News then called Marsh to interview him and verify that the information was true, which he did.

  • Hopefully, Brownie’s life, death teaches responsibility

    Recently, I cried for brown dog with an orange collar. He was near starvation when he came into my life.

    He was afraid of everyone and everything, but was aggressive if someone got close to him. He usually stayed in an outside shed at night and hid in the woods during the day. He would return late at night to eat the food I left for him.