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  • Woman files complaint against Lancaster police officer

    A Lancaster woman has filed a complaint against a Lancaster Police Department detective for coming to her house to return a letter she had written him.

    The woman said she had mailed letters of support for former Lancaster Police Department Sgt. Pat Parsons, who was fired from the department on March 2, according to a Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office incident report. Parsons is appealing his termination.

  • Intimidator roller coaster lives up to its name

    The sun was shining through scattered clouds as I stood in line at Carowinds on Friday, the amusement park that straddles the North Carolina/South Carolina border.

    Next to me was our photographer Aaron Morrison, snapping some quick shots of the crowd around us and the several roller coasters nearby that soared into the blue sky.

    But those weren’t the coasters we were interested in.

  • 67 charged in Operation Swift Strike

    At 4 p.m. Wednesday, the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office’s Drug/Gang Task Force began rounding up dozens of suspects wanted mainly on drug charges.

    In all, 67 people have been charged for 103 offenses in Operation Swift Strike, Sheriff Barry Faile said. The 103 charges included 98 drug violations, two assault and battery with intent to kill charges and two weapons violations.

    Faile said the purpose of the operation targeted the drug trade in high-crime areas.

  • Winter 2009/10 makes many potholes for crews to repair

    The cold and wet weather of winter 2009/10 has taken its toll on Lancaster County roads, cracking asphalt and creating many potholes.

    Lancaster County Public Works Director Darin Robinson said this has created many problems for local motorists and a lot of repair work for his department and the S.C. Department of Transportation.

    “I know we, as well as local DOT, are suffering from the effects of this winter on the roads,” Robinson said.

  • Trooper killed in early morning crash in Lancaster County

    A York County state trooper was killed in a crash while on duty in Lancaster County early Saturday morning.

    Cpl. Dana Kevin Cusack, 45, of Clover, was killed in a single-car crash on S.C. 200 near the Douglas Road intersection about 3:30 a.m., according to the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.

    Cusack was on duty at the time of the crash and was driving a marked S.C. Highway Patrol car.

  • Spratt stands behind vote on health-care bill

    U.S. Rep. John Spratt stands behind his vote on the health-care bill that passed Congress last week, but he is taking heat for his vote from the man who hopes to unseat him in November.

    Spratt, D-5th District, was one of 219 House Democrats to vote in favor of the bill on March 21. There were 212 votes against the bill, which included all House Republicans and 34 Democrats.

    Spratt, whose district includes Lancaster County, said he voted for the bill because it will put insurance within the reach of 32 million more people, raising coverage to 95 percent of all Americans.

  • Parsons appeals to grievance committee

    Lancaster Police Department Chief Hugh White said he applauded an 18-year-old man for not retaliating against a detective who was questioning him about a stolen scooter.

    The detective, former Sgt. Pat Parsons, was fired March 2 after the teen, LaDarius Truesdale, and his mother, Angela Thompson, filed complaints against Parsons in February.

    Parsons’ hearing to appeal his firing was held Monday in City Council chambers by the city’s six-member employee grievance committee, which consists of employees from various city departments.

  • City Council to discuss former employee grievance today

    There is a special City Council meeting at 5:30 p.m. today in the City Council chambers. The agenda includes citizen comments, employee comments and an executive session to review a grievance filed by a former city employee.

    Pat Parsons, a sergeant with the Lancaster Police Department, was fired March 2 following complaints from Angela Thompson and her son, LaDarius Truesdale.

    The city of Lancaster's employee grievance committee recently voted to reinstate Parsons, a former detective.

    Check our Web site later for an update on the meeting.

  • Summer school costs to increase

    Summer school costs for local students are going up.

    The Lancaster County school board voted unanimously Tuesday to approve 2010 summer school fees for middle and high school students.

    The cost for a middle school student is $100, a $75 increase.

    High school students who take a summer school course will pay $250, a $50 increase.

    Students out of district will be charged $350, also a $50 increase from last year.

    The cost for high school students taking recovering content is $150, the same price as last year.

  • Logging truck wreck blocks Flat Creek Road

    Flat Creek Road (S.C. 903) between Potter and Rocky River roads was shut down early Monday morning after a car was struck by a logging truck.

    The wreck happened about 8 a.m. east of the intersection of Flat Creek and Antioch Church roads, just past the Korner Kupboard.

    At the scene, volunteer firefighters were working to control a leaking “saddlebag” diesel tank on the passenger side of the empty logging truck.

    Firefighters cleared up from the wreck scene about 9:30 a.m. Monday.