• IL newspaper tops state ad awards

    Carolina Gateway has won the S.C. Press Association’s 2015-16 President’s Award for Best Overall Advertising in a weekly publication, the highest award in the association’s  annual PALMY Advertising Contest.
    SCPA Executive Director Bill Rogers presented the award to the Carolina Gateway staff in October.
    This year 652 advertisements were submitted by 21 SCPA newspapers. Carolina Gateway won 19 advertising awards, and its sister publication The Lancaster News won 17.

  • Mary Bucher dies in Ohio after horrible 5-month saga

    Mary Bucher lived just 33 more days after she made it back to Ohio where her children could watch after her.
    She left Lancaster in late September after spending four months at Springs Memorial Hospital, incapacitated. Authorities took her away from her husband, Kim Bucher, in May and charged him with neglecting her health after a series of strokes.
    Mary Bucher died under hospice care in Perrysburg, Ohio, Wednesday night. She was 63.

  • Local voting machines not on internet, so rest easy

    Danny O’Brien patiently waited in line at the county elections office Wednesday afternoon and cast an absentee ballot before proudly putting an “I Voted” sticker on his shirt.
    O’Brien was there to let his voice be heard. But after leaving, can O’Brien rest assured that it is his indeed his voice, and not that of a computer hacker, that’s speaking at the ballot box?

  • Biden boost

    For the second time in two months, Vice President Joe Biden came to the 5th Congressional District to campaign for his former aide Fran Person, who is running against incumbent Rep. Mick Mulvaney.
    Pews at the Kenneth Monroe Transformation Center in Rock Hill were packed Tuesday with more than 500 energized people, and gospel music filled the air. Biden, preceeded by a rousing speach from S.C. Rep. Mandy Powers Norrell of Lancaster, took the stage with Person and 6th District U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn.

  • Time running out for mailing absentee ballot

    If you haven’t mailed your absentee ballot to elections officials by this afternoon, don’t mail it. You’re too late to guarantee that it arrives in time to count, and you’ll need to hand-deliver the ballot to the elections office.
    The Lancaster County Elections Office has mailed out more than 2,500 paper ballots for the Nov. 8 general election, including one sent to a Peace Corps volunteer in Cambodia, said Mary Ann Hudson, the county elections director. So far, only 53 percent of the ballots have been returned.

  • Drought worsens, voluntary restrictions urged

    From release

    Lack of rain has pushed the Catawba-Wateree River Basin to the next level of drought designation, Duke Energy announced Tuesday.
    The basin’s Drought Management Advisory Group moved the area to Stage 1, is the second of five drought stages. It recommended voluntary water conservation by water users across the basin, in addition to operational adjustments by Duke Energy.

  • Cast your vote like it’s 1965

    AnnaMarie Koehler-Shepley
    Carolina Reporter, Special to The Lancaster News

    With this year’s election cycle coming to a close, the South Carolina Political Collections library at the University of South Carolina is giving visitors a chance to cast their ballot with an old-school twist.
    A Votomatic polling machine, created by Joseph Harris in the early 1960s, is on display and available for visitors to try with this year’s candidates. The small machine works by punching holes in ballot cards to record votes.

  • An ER surprise on Halloween night

    Arresting criminals might be deputies’ most important responsibility, but it’s not the whole job.
    Sometimes they get to make a hurt kid smile.
    Eight-year-old Kailyn Usher of Kershaw was having a sad Halloween Monday night.
    While all the other witches, monsters, ghouls and ghosts were haunting the streets of Lancaster County, Kailyn was in the emergency room at Springs Memorial Hospital with a broken foot.

  • Faulkenberry Christmas Basket gets early start

    The Ward Faulkenberry Sr. Memorial Christmas Basket got an  early start this year, with HOPE  in Lancaster starting the annual holiday fundraiser on Tuesday.
    The drive is named for the late Ward Faulkenberry Sr., a former commander of American Legion Post 31, who founded the Christmas basket in 1959. It provides Christmas meal food boxes for about 300 families each year.
    The fund will also provide a Christmas party breakfast on Dec. 3 and stocking gifts for every member of those families under age 17.

  • Not again! Pipe blast may cut off gas supply

    AAA Carolinas

    Gas prices are expected to rise and shortages are possible throughout the Carolinas after Colonial Pipeline shut down Lines 1 and 2 in response to a gasoline explosion Monday night in Shelby County, Ala.