• Twice declared dead in Vietnam, Jacky Bayne lived to tell his story

    Army Spc. Jacky Bayne of Indian Land lost his right leg in a land-mine explosion while on patrol near Chu Lai, Vietnam, in July 1967.

    He was pronounced dead twice, once on the battlefield and again at the hospital.

    Bayne was the guest of honor Friday at Indian Land High School’s Veterans Day ceremony. Who saved his life, and how he met that man more than a decade later, is a fascinating story.

  • East-west split seen in voting on alcohol

    Support for Sunday retail beer and wine sales in Lancaster County broke largely by geography during Tuesday’s election, with voters to the west approving the ballot measure and voters to the east rejecting it.  

    But retailers all over the county are eligible to apply for the retail permits as soon as the S.C. Department of Revenue makes them available.

  • Miracle Bikes are back!

    A week ago on this front page, a dejected Gonzie Mackey delivered sad news – thieves had stolen 30 refurbished bicycles, and there would be no Miracle Bikes for Kids this Christmas.

    You can imagine what happened next.

    Within days, Mackey was swamped with dozens of bikes donated from the community, most of them new, and his annual grassroots giveaway is back on target. 

  • Protest against Blackmon rejected

    Defeated city council incumbent Jackie Harris filed an election protest Thursday, alleging that her opponent Linda Blackmon committed fraud, bribery and coercion in Tuesday’s election.

    At a hastily arranged hearing Friday afternoon, the Lancaster County Election Commission heard the complaint and Blackmon’s flat denial of wrongdoing.

  • IL woman charged in man’s death from drugs

    An Indian Land woman was charged with second-degree murder  Wednesday in the methadone-overdose death of a Waxhaw man earlier this year.
    Angela Rose McCorkle, 40, of 488 Silver Run Road, also was charged with felony selling and delivery of a Schedule II controlled substance. The charges resulted from the Feb. 17 death of 28-year-old Clay Thomas Scott.

  • Exhibit honors Vietnam KIAs

    Eleven men from Lancaster County died in the Vietnam War.
    They will be honored Sunday when plaques saluting their military service go on permanent display at the Historic Lancaster County Courthouse. The public is invited to join more than 50 of their relatives at a reception for the display’s unveiling.

  • Green Beret moved to tears

    Editor's note: On this Veterans Day, we offer you this personal tribute from Liz James, an assistant principal at South Middle School in Lancaster.

    Liz James
    For The Lancaster News

  • Lancaster County voter turnout 66%

    With 39,099 ballots cast, Lancaster County had a 66 percent voter turnout in Tuesday’s general election, down a bit from 2012’s turnout but with a  record number of absentee ballots in the mix.
    More than 2 million ballots were cast by South Carolinians, according to the S.C. Election Commission. Statewide turnout was similar to Lancaster’s at 67 percent. Georgetown County had the highest at 75 percent.
    Lancaster County set an all-time high with 10,454 absentee ballots cast in this year’s election.

  • You said it: Election 2016

    We hit the streets Wednesday and Thursday to ask Lancaster County residents what they think of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton. Here’s some of what we heard.

    Duane Dawley of Lancaster said Trump was his choice from the beginning and confessed he was pleasantly surprised by his win, since all he’d been hearing from the media was that Clinton was ahead.

  • Sheriff Faile wallops McCoy

    Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile will serve his third term in office after a blow-out win at the polls Tuesday against Democratic challenger William McCoy.
    As of deadline Tuesday, local elections officials were still counting an overwhelming number of absentee ballots and Indian Land’s Harrisburg precinct remained unreported, due to a technical issue with a voting machine.
    Still, Faile possessed an overwhelming lead with 18,253 votes, 70 percent of the total at the time, compared to McCoy’s 7,775 votes.