courtesy of Olivia Wheeler
Casey Edwards was one of the first 4-wheelers/ATVs to test the new Mud Bog Pit at Lancaster Super Speedway on Nov. 21.
LSS’s Turkey Bog on tap today

Lancaster Super Speedway will host the first Turkey Bog (mud bog) at the new 280-foot Mud Bog Pit at Lancaster Super Speedway today, Nov. 27.
The classes running will be based on tire size. All first place winners will receive a winner’s plaque.
◆ Tire sizes 33-35
◆ Tire sizes 36-38
◆ Tire sizes 40-42
◆ Tire sizes 44-46
In addition, a $100 bonus goes to the longest distance in the Mud Bog by a truck/jeep, no paddle or tractor tires will be allowed at this competition.