Remember When

  • My big fib in defense of Lancaster

    Now my mama wouldn’t approve of me sharing this chapter of my life with folks. The reason being that it was a great big fib to begin with.
    She might not mind, though, if she saw all the news stories a few years ago about how down and out Lancaster had become, with Springs gone, high unemployment and such. It was spread all over television and in the papers.

  • Remember When: Whole town reined in every child

    Usually, my great-grandson, Steven, spends the weekend with us. To be more specific, he spends his weekend on our computer.
    I have no secrets in cyberworld. Steven has unlocked my passwords, and in doing so, he has unleashed a stalking tiger. As his granny says, “Well, you let him do it, so don’t complain.”
    This boy is only 8 years old, and we do our best to protect him from unsavory individuals and web sites.

  • Mothers make the best snow buddies

    Oh boy, what a surprise! I knew it was cold that day as soon as I popped my bare feet on the cold bedroom floor. The windows were glazed over with beads of moisture. That always happened when it was colder outside than in our house.

  • Store rambling can make your mind ramble, too

    Well, I didn’t get that flu shot as early as I planned. It’s no wonder the sniffling, snorting and lousy feelings have just about gotten the best of me and my bride.
    Out of Klennex, push came to shove and I made the trek to the Walmarts.  

  • Mama’s spring bell is ringing

    There is one thing for sure, spring cleaning comes every year whether you live on a dirt road or a paved road. If doesn’t play favorites, either.
    Seems like mamas and aunts have some kind of little bell built inside of ’em and when the trees bud and the wild onions sprout, that bell starts clanging and there is work to be done.
    Old Man Winter’s cobwebs, dust and mildew are gonna get wiped away.

  • Remember When: Horton pulls off an ‘egg-citing’ street trick

    Editor’s note: This Remember When column was originally published in the June 19, 2008, edition of The Lancaster News. Given it’s relevance to how Main Street and downtown Lancaster was in its heyday, we thought our readers would enjoy reading it again.

    A crowd had already gathered down on Main Street at the Corner Drug Store.

    Something was going on. 

    Sweating men in Panama and flat-top straw hats with rolled-up shirt sleeves were huddled together.

  • Uncle Harry points me in the right direction

    Being a third-grader was hard enough, but with this new war, things were getting out of hand.

    Our Blue Hurricane high school team members seemed to be headed for the armed forces instead of becoming college freshmen.

    The president said on the radio that things would be tough before getting better.

    Gosh, I just couldn’t figure out why we were studying about George Washington cutting down that cherry tree when parents way off in London were busing their children to the countryside to be cared for by unknown folks.

  • Naming a turkey is not a good idea

    – Editor’s note: Due to reader requests, we are reprinting this Remember When column, which was originally published in the Nov. 19, 2006, edition of The Lancaster News. The story of Jim the turkey has indeed become a Thanksgiving tradition at The Lancaster News.

    I don’t know if it was tradition or custom, but a couple weeks before “Big Thursday” or Thanksgiving Day, me and Daddy journeyed down to Tradesville to pick up our big ole gobbler.

  • Summer is finally here

    I made it through May, in real good shape.
    Of course, I had to go over to Central School and walk around that May Pole, wrapping a strip of colored crepe paper while bunches of children from all over town stood in little huddles and sang songs nobody knew.
    It might make our teachers and principals happy but it sure seemed like a waste of time to me.
    Betcha if they just passed out Dixie cups of chocolate ice cream we would’ve had more fun.
    It’s always amazed me how grown-ups can mess up a good thing.

  • Preacher's wives get to do all the neat stuff

    Editor’s note – Remember When columnist W.B. “Bill” Evans is enjoying the Easter holiday with his family. We are reprinting this column, which was published on Easter Sunday 2011 at a reader’s request, with a few updates.

    On Monday, the president and first lady will send out the Secret Service to round up children in Virginia and Maryland, give them a colored basket and a free pass to wallow in the grass on the South Lawn of America’s back yard for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.