Zoning changes hidden behind bureaucratic red tape

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By The Staff

The original intent of zoning was to provide for stability in communities by mandating what uses of the land in that community were permissible.

The act of rezoning was quite rare and done only under extraordinary circumstances. This provided protection for property owners in a community and ensured preservation of community characteristics and property values.

Now the fad has become rezoning. Current zoning insures no stability in a community. Why is this occurring? Greed.

It is an unfortunate circumstance of human history that any controlling bodies, given the ability to allow exceptions to an established rule that will make money for a person, tend to become corrupted.

They also tend to be quite secretive about these practices. Sorry about that, folks, but that seems to just be human nature.

This is exemplified by the format of current rezoning notices. In past times, rezoning notices gave information regarding the details of the rezoning.

Now the only information is a case number. This is an overt attempt to give lip service to a legal requirement, but keep the bothersome public out of the process and unaware of what is going on in their community.

Are you really in favor of your government excluding you from information on zoning changes being considered for your neighborhood by putting the information behind a smokescreen of bureaucratic red tape? Who instituted this change and what was their justification? I’d really like to know. Will someone stand up and own this change? Call your county commissioner and ask them how this happened. The answer should be interesting.

The time has arrived to remove the rezoning authority from those who have been abusing it to such a deplorable extent and somehow return it to the citizens who are being affected by its abuse.

When the next local election comes up, throw them all out of office and get some people in there who will listen to the citizens of this county.

And for those who live in the southern part of the county, be aware that your time is going to come with these same problems.

D.J. Carter

Indian Land