Zoglman wrong about Powers-Norrell political aspirations

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By The Staff

Dave Zoglman is wrong to say that Mrs. Mandy Powers-Norrell threw the first dirt in the S.C. Senate seat 16 race.

Powers-Norrell's statement that every decision she would make as our state senator would be made out of a love for this district and its people first is not from a desire to move up the political ladder.

I think it was wonderful and refreshing.

I also know that presidents Washington, Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Kennedy and Reagan loved their respective hometowns and first made a difference there before moving on to other political aspirations.

And when we voted them to national offices, just look at what they did for our country.

Zoglman doesn't even want to give Powers-Norrell a chance.

Powers-Norrell may be just what we need since she grew up here and knows what Lancaster needs.

I haven't heard that Mr. Mulvaney was seeking other political jobs if elected before he helped his own community.

To us, it sounds like Zoglman is counting the peas before putting them in the pot.

Why? Candidates must be elected before they can do anything. It would be wonderful to vote for a lady who is so smart that she has served as city of Lancaster attorney since 1999.

Mandy and her husband, Mitch, and their family are well respected throughout our community. As an attorney, she has assisted both the poorest and richest of Lancaster's citizens.

Plus, she has ties with many businesses and associations and local causes like Relay for Life, LIFT, the Special Olympics, as well as state legal associations.

On a personal note, she is a true friend who is not wish-washy like some people.

I've known Mandy since Billy Dale's wreck and she was right there praying with us that he would awaken from his coma.

The only dirt we see here is Zoglman trying to make something from nothing.

Powers-Norrell is excited for the opportunity and wants to serve and help our community and our state. I know she will stand by both.

God bless her for that.

Powers-Norrell is a people person in every sense. Maybe after helping us - if she needs to help others - she will move up the political ladder.

If that's her choice, more power to her.

But right now, she's just saying she wants to help our state and this community first. I'm proud of her for voicing that.

Powers-Norrell is a Democrat, Mulvaney is a Republican and we can see who Zoglman represents.

That's fine, you can see also who Billy Dale and I are voting for.

We want just the best person for our community and that person is Mandy Powers-Norrell.

She can do it.

We love you Mandy, and your family.

Myra and Billy Dale McCants