You have right to your personal choice, but not to change nation

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Am I a hate-monger? Am I a homophobe? Do I hate those who are not like me: those who don’t look like me, dress like me, talk like me, believe like me?
Am I opposed to those who disagree with what I believe, and how my belief system impacts how I live my life?
Am I insensitive to those who hold to convictions and practices that differ from mine? Do I practice hate-speech against those who live differently, believe differently, practice different lifestyles than I?
The answer to each question posed above is an emphatic no! However, I know there will be those who will say they are all true of me, and some will believe I am even worse than all of those combined. They will say I am a narrow-minded bigot, who is guilty of the worse sort of hatred imaginable. I will leave that determination to the reader of my comments.
The justices of the highest court in our land have now deliberated on and will soon make a ruling on the matter of homosexual marriage. Marriage has always been understood in the traditional, biblical sense of the word. Marriage was defined by God himself when he said a man would leave his father and mother, and be joined to his wife. Marriage was given for the purpose of procreation, and without the uniting of man and woman, procreation would be impossible. (I realize genetic engineering makes it possible for fertilization and birth to take place without the joining together of man and woman, but that is not the point of discussion here – perhaps another time.)
I do not hate those who believe differently than I believe. I do not hate those who embrace a different lifestyle. I respect their right to make their own decisions, and to live the way they choose. I am not so naïve to believe that we could ever form a society or culture in which everyone believed exactly the same on every given issue. That society could never survive, simply because there are no two people who totally agree on every conceivable societal or cultural belief, practice, custom, etc. Therefore, it would be absolutely impossible to build such a society as that.
In the United States of America, that problem is compounded by the fact that we are the melting pot of all nations. People have come here from every corner of the world, seeking the freedoms and liberties our nation offers. However, the fact that they are granted the opportunity to seek the American dream does not mean they have the right to impose their societal and cultural beliefs and practices on the people of this land.
So what does all that have to do with the subject of homosexual marriage? Everything. The principle applies to both. We were founded, not as a religious nation, but as a Christian nation. A cursory reading of countless documents written by our Founding Fathers makes this clear beyond all doubt. Those Christian values and beliefs guided the Founding Fathers as they wrote the laws that would govern this country. Laws that clearly established the fact that we would be a Christian nation, guided by the principles of Scripture.
Does that mean we should close our borders to all who embrace a different religious persuasion? Absolutely not. Anyone of any religious belief should be welcome in this land, but it should be with the understanding that we are a Christian nation, guided by Christian principles, and we will not become Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist, or any other religious nation because there are those who hold to those varying beliefs who have decided to make the United States their home.
Now back to the matter at hand – marriage. For those who embrace the homosexual lifestyle, I would say to you that you have the right to make that choice. I respect your right to choose, and to live, by your preference. However, I do not believe you have the right to force our nation to change our practices of well over 200 years to accommodate your personal choice. You might say I am guilty of exactly that of which I am accusing you, but I disagree. I am not trying to persuade you to change. You can choose to live by your personal preferences, and I respect you for that. However, it is the homosexual population in this nation that is striving to impose change on a nation that has historically held to the biblical view of marriage as being between a man and a woman.
My final word on the matter would be one of grave importance. The Bible speaks clearly on how God views those who practice the homosexual lifestyle. He views it as sin. Not a sin that is greater than any other sin, but sin, nonetheless. When the Bible speaks of sin, it simply teaches that all sin is against God, regardless of the sin itself.
And for the sinner, God offers the grace of forgiveness and salvation to any who will come to him through his son, Jesus Christ.