York County also has claim on young Andrew Jackson

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By The Staff

York County also has claim on young Andrew Jackson

Both Carolinas claim to be the birthplace of former President Andrew Jackson. Lancaster County even has a state park and museum named after him.

Few recognize that York County can also lay claim to the president because he spent some portion of his young life in York County near the base of Nanny Mountain in Bethel township.

A rock monument at the intersection of highways 274 and 49 at the Five Points intersection says young Andrew lived with the Widow Howe about a mile east of the monument.

My fifth-grade teacher at Bethel School, Miss Fan Jackson, taught that Howe was a school teacher. She must have had much courage. The Cherokee Indians attacked her cabin and Andrew.

As an Indian climbed through the cabin window, Howe grabbed his arm, turning it backwards with the elbow against the window sill. She sat down on the arm and broke it backwards at the elbow.

The Indian screamed so loud that the rest of his flock took off like a bunch of scared rabbits.

This writer imagines that young Andrew most likely spent many hours on Nanny Mountain since it was less than a mile from his home. For the future president of the United States, the challenge to climb the mountain would have been too much to resist.

William W. Ferguson Sr.

Indian Land