Yard of the Month: Colors of summer are all around

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Harpers’ yard full of the colors of summer

By Sherry Archie

This year, shades of pink and orange are popular in everything from clothes to flowers. That’s what makes the yard of Cynthia and Jerry Harper at 2657 Quiet Acres Road so appealing. It is filled with all the colors of summer including those vibrant pinks and oranges. Having a well kept yard filled with flowers has always been a passion for Cynthia. With flower gardens designed throughout the yard, Cynthia makes sure they are laden with a blend of color from perennials and annuals.
Others enjoy her talent of landscape design, too. The Harper yard has been designated as the June Yard of the Month by the Lancaster Council of Garden Clubs. Camille Dunlap with the Green Gardeners Garden Club made the selection thrilling the Harpers.
“The yard is glorious with vibrant colors of oranges, yellows, and pinks,” Dunlap said. “The yard is immaculate sitting on a corner lot enabling you to enjoy the view from all angles.”
The Harpers built their home in 1989 with the landscape design being very basic. Over the years, they have added trees and flower gardens throughout the yard.  
Cynthia says she selected her plant material by choosing whatever looked pretty at the nursery.  
“I had more failures than successes at first, but learned a lot from them,” she said. “If the plants weren’t doing well in one spot, I’d just move them to another one until I found the right place.  I will change anything just trying to get the right look.”
The beds are cleverly edged with pieces of broken sidewalk keeping them neatly contained.  Perennials like knockout roses provide continual color from spring until frost.
When complemented with annuals such as zinnias, marigolds, impatiens and begonias, the gardens become a tapestry of color.
Even the foliage plays a role with the leaves of the purple heart wandering jew contrasting with the blooms of neighboring plants.
Cynthia wanted to add height to each flower garden and did so by including a large planter filled with blooms in many of them.
Fluffy pine needle mulch helps to keep the weeds out and the moisture in which can be a challenge this time of year.
The Harpers water diligently early in the morning or late in the evening.
She has found that having larger beds are easier to maintain and still provide a type of therapy for her.
“I love spending time in my yard pulling weeds, deadheading and watering all the plants,” she said. “It’s like therapy to me.”
The Harpers received a complementary $25 gift certificate to The Home Depot for receiving the Yard of the Month designation.
If you would like to nominate at Yard of the Month, please contact Patty Noll at 285-6232.