Writer will vote against alcohol sales on Sundays

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When our country was young, the British and the Europeans kept coming, pushing to the west.
On Sunday, they rested from work and gathered at church. They remembered the Sabbath Day.
In Charlotte, the owners of Ivey’s Store pulled the shades down and you couldn’t window shop on Sundays.
It’s a shame restaurant owners think they can’t make it without alcohol sales.
I don’t think alcohol should be the drawing card for the restaurants.
As far as U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney being new, I know because I voted for him, gladly.
There are a few things around here that Elissa Boyet, who spearheaded the effort for a referendum  on Sunday alcohol sales, needs to get educated on: One is some voters will not vote for Catholics.
Mulvaney has been accused of not supporting education because he sends his children to Catholic schools.
Some of South Carolina’s sweetest and precious citizens live right here in Lancaster County and I will ask them to vote against the ballot.
If I’m still living on election day, I will vote against the alcohol sales in restaurants on Sundays.
Myrtle Porter
Indian Land