Writer will support alcohol sales on Sunday

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I would like to respond to Danny Johnson’s letter, “Alcohol sales on Sunday have nothing to do with eating out,” in the Aug. 10 edition of The Lancaster News.
Mr. Johnson is entitled to God’s Day, as freedom of religion is part of our founding. That same founding calls for separation of church and state. Mr. Johnson has no right to try and force his beliefs on others.
If he actually thinks no alcohol sales on Sunday prevents alcoholism, then he is totally uninformed. It is 2011 and we have budget problems with shortfalls to provide protection, education and help for those in need.
It is downright absurd to see needed tax revenue handed to neighboring states.
It is criminal to prevent much needed jobs with business avoiding the area since their expenses occur seven days per week.
Wake up, Mr. Johnson. I support your God’s Day and I also have the right to enjoy a glass of wine with my meal at a restaurant on Sunday. I will be voting yes.

Nicholas Pasquine