Writer tells Schmidt to judge not, lest he be judged

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This letter is in response to Rudy Schmidt’s “Republic voted out by mobocracy,” in the Nov. 25, 2012, edition of The Lancaster News.
Mr. Schmidt, with all due respect, sir, I personally find it offensive, unacceptable and in poor taste, that you could speak so demeaningly and disrespectfully about our president. You wrote so freely of the evil of our president and the Democratic Party. I was literally in shock. You also wrote of the arrogance of President Barack Obama and the party. If I remember correctly, obviously, your candidate for president had quite a healthy dose of that arrogance himself. I suppose you would have your wife walk two steps behind you at all times just because you feel that you are the preferred sex and of greater value and importance than your female spouse. And I assume, as you wrote in your letter, if there are those who do not believe as you, then they are the God-deniers and the takers, while you are the patriotic and the seekers of righteousness. You, Mr. Schmidt, do not have a clue.
And why don’t you try this the next time you feel the need to spout out on abortion: Try sending the children who are born, living and starving in the United States a few hundred dollars for food, clothing and medicine. By the way, how many children have you had?
I honestly do not know which Bible you are quoting from, but my Bible and my God says “Judge not, lest you be judged.” And being that you are such a connoisseur of the Bible, I am sure I don’t need to tell you which Scripture. You will find that the hate you obviously have in your heart, I do believe, is a quality that my God does not seek.
I suggest that you remember that part of the Bible the next time you want to publish a letter and bash the president, the Democratic Party, the unlimited free murderers of the unborn, same-sex marriages, the uninformed, misinformed and all that mumbo-jumbo bull.
I really don’t know if you were asleep or just bumped your head. But I recall, correctly, I might add, that my president ordered our troops to shoot to kill Osama bin Laden. If you must know about the evil one, being that no one has informed you, Mr. Schmidt, that was the evil one.
I really think, in this instance, something my mother taught me is extremely appropriate. If you cannot say something nice about someone, keep your mouth shut, please.

Lisa Phillips Hunter