Writer suggests tax increase to save jobs

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By The Staff

I recently read some disturbing news in The Lancaster news. The Lancaster County School District is going to eliminate 100 jobs. This is so disturbing because the citizens of Lancaster are willing to pay $30 million to build a new courthouse, which we don’t need. We expect to receive $5.29 million less in funding from the state. Couldn’t we use a percent of these funds to support our schools?

We voted to add 1 percent sales tax to raise the money to build the new courthouse. Why couldn’t we do the same to raise money to save our school district jobs? It would be similar to the 2 percent hospitability tax added to prepared food sold in the city.

We seem to raise money for everything but our schools. We, the citizens of Lancaster, are willing to send criminals away in style instead of making sure our youths are properly educated. We are basically saying we care more about criminals than education. Maybe if we invest more of our tax dollars in education, or in community centers, just maybe there would be less gang banging, robberies and murders.

Eliminating school district jobs is going to lead to overcrowded classrooms, which will probably result in our children not receiving the proper education that they so desperately need. We ridiculed Gov. Mark Stanford for wanting to close the University of South Carolina at Lancaster to save money. We might as well agreed, because if our children are not going to receive the best primary education, how are they going to even make it into college?

We want to change Lancaster from a mill town into an education town. How are we going to do this cutting school district jobs? As my family drove on U.S. 521, my son asked what is that tall building? As I looked I noticed that it was the new courthouse. What is this saying to tourists? With a gigantic courthouse there must be a lot of crime here. I would rather see a gigantic university or school.

DeeDee McCollough